THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' - Are you ready to make a fresh start in life?


About 18 months ago, I realised the reasons why everything I've been endeavouring to do and share for the last 35 years had failed. The Truth is, everything I have shared in my book, events, blog and even clinic has gone over nearly everyone’s head. To be completely honest - it has all been a complete waste of time. The 600-page textbook I wrote, THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world explains in exact detail all the factors that influence our ability to attain and maintain awareness of our true nature. But despite this, nearly everyone I've shared with has admitted to me that they are still not at Peace.

 I obviously don't take this personally, because despite people doing years of personal development, practising yoga, visiting gurus, doing meditation courses, taking pilgrimages to exotic places, visiting sacred landmarks, reading countless books, attending workshops and seminars…. people declare they are unable to attain or maintain a true sense of Peace. Essentially, what we are doing is NOT working.

 I always felt that once people grew beyond the usual mentors and spiritual teachers, they would then naturally gravitate to my material and continue the journey inwards - consciously. This would then create the foundation for all the external changes we seek in the world. But, as with most things in the Kali Yuga, the opposite to what you expect happens.

 When you look closely as to why, it's because most people are unable to develop any true awareness around their thoughts and energies. This is because, despite all outward appearances, very few people are truly open to being corrected regarding their core beliefs and behaviour. I had a great laugh the other day when Sadhguru stated how 150 years ago, people like himself were able to be extremely blunt in their expressions. But these days, they have to be all rosy and sweet so people don't get offended. He can no longer cut down a person's ego and deliver the message of Truth via the open wound. He declared how he accepts that nobody really takes to heart what he shares.

 I was fortunate enough to spend many years with masters and yogis who would literally tear me to shreds for the slightest deviation away from the Truth. But there are very few people open to sharing this experience in our society today. All the New Age BS has taken over most people's minds and shields them from any true scrutiny. They hide behind morals and values, immediately rejecting anything that doesn't reflect their existing paradigm. Many turn vicious and become haters, which is totally ironic considering the banners they live under.

 Today, most people believe they have already arrived at the ‘truth’. It is what continues to drive them towards their goals - filling them with anticipation for results, and expectations in their pursuit of desires. They will happily spiel off everything they know and understand, what they have read and done, who their current favourite teacher or healer is etc. etc., but fail to realise that none of that means a single damn thing if they are not at Peace. They don't even realise how full of emotion, pride, and judgment they are. Their levels of stress have been normalised by everything feeding into their reality, so they blindly settle for a compromised life.

 The state of our world calls for a radical change in EVERYTHING we've done until now.
But if something isn't working, what do we do?
And how do we address something on a worldwide scale?

 The answer is always simple - go back to basics.

 The most basic thing everyone needs to realise is that Peace starts within. Literally, nothing and no one is responsible for your state and condition. I realise this is hard to believe and accept, especially when people are limited to being caught up in a dualistic experience WITHIN consciousness. Alternatively, the true experience OF consciousness is that of our Divine Nature, which is Oneness, Bliss and Immortality. The reality is, we are either able to consciously live and share our True Nature, or we can't. So far, I have only met 9 people who can. So until there are only 9 people who can't, we all have a lot of work to do.

 Most people live behind a mask and pretend to be happy and on top of everything in their lives. They hide their pain and confusion behind a façade of superficial success, which only perpetuates the illusions and delusions - and furthers the insanity. As a practitioner, I get to see beneath the surface, and what I see daily is a very different picture than what is presented.

 Those who understand my material will know the neurological basis to all the attitudes and behaviours, and the reasons why no one is at Peace. This is why I'm no longer giving anyone the benefit of the doubt or sharing information that they can't embody.

 Those you truly know me will understand why I have never wanted to share material from the Bottom-up. But after 35 years, practically nobody has been able to attain a true Top-down Experience. So, as much as it pains me, I have had to accept the fact that I need to change to the Bottom-up Approach.

 For the last 10 years, I have been extremely bored with all the crap going on in the fields of health, fitness and healing. I'm also really tired of all the New Age BS infiltrating the fields of wellbeing, spirituality and psychology. But I have not been able to find anything else to do in life. All efforts to escape have been thwarted by the Universe. Having one foot out the door has been my default mode while living in this society. I tried doing events for free or by donation, and even tried giving my book away for $1. But very few people reciprocated, so it wasn't sustainable. Hence I needed to continue working in the usual business way. But no more. After decades of banging my head against the wall of ignorance and arrogance, I finally arrived at an answer!

 This inspiration is again off the back of dealing with the usual varying degrees of insanity, which this week has included: a client surviving getting shot in the head at point blank range, to putting someone back together after having a dismal experience at a 10-day meditation retreat. My answer to all the insanity is again very simple - and the opposite to what everyone else is doing. I am going to give lots of my material away for free.

 There doesn’t seem to be any other way of putting the Essence back into Life. Therefore, I am going to start with sharing my version of one of the most powerful healing techniques in the world - Ho'oponopono. I will align this method with the wholistic approach I share in my book. I will explain it from the Top-down and Bottom-up Perspectives, and expand it into 18 distinct steps. This method will enable us to make a fresh start in life, and consciously create a whole new paradigm together.

 In today’s world, spirituality and the arts of healing have become a ground for competition and rivalry. By its nature, Ho’oponopono will dissolve everything that is not pure. This is why, after everything I have studied and researched over all these years, I feel this approach is one of the few techniques that will work for where humanity is at today. I simply don’t see anything else working to the extent that is needed, in order stop humanity from self-destructing. So, if you don't already know about Ho'oponopono, research it so you will be able to put your whole heart into practising what I will share with you soon. It is going to great fun!

Love and Light
Brian Gerard Schaefer

If you would like a new wholistic perspective and approach to life, or work in the alternative and natural health industry and are seeking the big picture, I suggest you read THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world and learn how to maximise your ability to serve others. Click on the link below to purchase your copy now.

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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YOU vs the HATERS - Understanding their motives and intentions


This post was inspired by a conversation I had a few days ago with a client, who unlike many people, was able to be very honest and open with me. He related to me how he recently had a massive mood swing - going from ‘The State of Grace’, to being extremely upset. Events happened to reveal he had completely misinterpreted the entire situation and he had totally over-reacted, all to his own detriment. This may not appear a big deal to you, but it is exceptionally rare for someone to have the humility to admit to this kind of craziness and share it with me.

 This is just one little event in a world that seems to have gone completely mad. The amount of hatred and bullying going on in all areas of society is totally insane. As a practitioner, I am constantly dealing with people in extreme states of being. I deal with varying degrees of insanity on a daily basis. This is not in any way a judgement, but the state declared to me by many of my clients. Most practitioners concur that the rate and intensity of decline in their clients is becoming epidemic. Addressing this insanity in a clinic environment is one thing. Dealing with it as a public figure is on a whole different level.

 In a clinic environment, the insanity is not being directed at you, so you can easily navigate around it. When you are a public figure and the insanity is directly aimed at you is when things can become rather character building. Some people are better at deflecting the madness than others. There are whole courses and programs on how to deal with the insanity. Having seen so many victims of this behaviour, I decided to share with you my thoughts on how we can best deal with the haters and bullies - a topic that I will be covering in detail in my up-and-coming book.

 Let’s take a forensic look at exactly what is causing all the conflict and confusion, and see if we can arrive at a mutual understanding - which will get everyone on the same page so we can all move forward together. I always like to start with the big picture and work with a top-down perspective, so please bear with me while I briefly explain where I am coming from. Then everything after that will make sense. I promise.

 My website is called: No, the spelling of spectrom with an ‘o’ is not a typo due to me being dyslexic. It is a very deliberate point I am making in and through my work. When you look at the nature of our reality, it is all occurring within only a tiny slither of the whole Spectrom of Consciousness. You only need to think about what and where you are in relation to the multiverse to get a sense of what I am saying. Moreover, our entire reality only exists within just a tiny slither of the original slither - in the form of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Furthermore, what we are actually able to perceive and experience within that spectrum is again minuscule. We can even go one step further and affirm that what we actually know and understand about the perceivable spectrum is infinitely smaller again.

 The focus of my work is to embrace the whole Spectrom of Consciousness and bring as much as we can into our conscious awareness. This requires an extreme level of openness and humility. I am suggesting if you are not consciously at One with the entire Spectrom of Consciousness, you are limited to experiences within consciousness, and not the Nature of Consciousness itself. You must realise that in the absence of direct awareness, there is only theory and philosophy, which manifest into all the religions and doctrines we see in the world today. In the light of this Truth, you have to take everything people ‘believe’ and practice with a grain of salt.

 But don’t take my word for it, I am only offering my thoughts and feelings based on my slice of this reality. You must seek out the highest Truth available to everyone, right here and now. You will soon discover that to get to that point, you are required to go deep within. As cliché as this phrase has become, it remains a fact - The Truth lies within. This immediately dismisses the relevancy of any external projections in an effort to assert the ‘truth’.

 You first have to realise that everyone is limited within their perspective of reality, and is further limited in their ability to perceive from that point of view. Depending on where they are at in their journey within consciousness, determines their ability to experience the nature of consciousness. Essentially, until you are at One with the forces within your every breath and heartbeat (the basis of Adara Meditation), then it is inappropriate to focus your attention outwards towards anything or anyone else.

 With this said, let's continue and look at our physical senses, and see how they influence our experience of and within consciousness. I will use a few of popular examples of how we experience and perceive things differently.

 What colours are the dress in the picture below?


 This picture went viral because people see different colours. Some see black and blue. Others see white and gold. Others see black and gold. It is the very same image, but the colours you see depend on the frequency of the pathways within your eyes and brain. It is incomprehensible to many that others see something completely opposite to them, but it is an undeniable fact. The difference is very real.

The image below shows the same dress with the contrast adjusted. The actual colour of the dress is the black and blue image on the right. When you look at the other two images by themselves, the optical illusion appears.


 The next example below is an oldie but a goodie - Is it 6 or 9?

6 or 9.png

The short and sweet lesson of this example is: until a person you are dealing with has the ability to change their point of view, it is better to remain silent.

A more recent example is the audio clip playing the words Laurel and Yanni simultaneously. The frequency of your vibration determines what you hear. You may hear one or the other, or something in between. It may change each time you listen. What do you hear?

There are many more examples I could give, and they are all undeniable proof that we can have completely different experiences in the exact same situation and setting. This is why I can do an event where I pour my heart and soul out with as much love and compassion as I can. I often do so with brutal honesty and frankness. Those who are at the same frequency hear the equivalent of “Yanni….Yanni…Yanni…” They understand exactly what I am saying and fully appreciate my intent in doing so. Then there are those who are at a different vibration and only hear “Laurel…Laurel….Laurel…” They sit there listening, thinking to themselves “Who is this arrogant arsehole? Who on Earth does he think he is?” They go away angry and upset, and gossip to their friends in an effort to enlist their support for their existing beliefs. Those who hear something in between may leave totally confused, and want to avoid ever thinking about such things again.

 The natural factors behind these examples are the exact reasons why so many haters, critics and bullies make erroneous assumptions and come to ridiculous conclusions. They blindly go about building a case against their target, insisting their outlandish claims and conjectures are the only truth of the matter. When challenged, they immediately put up a wall, blocking any information contrary to theirs. Each time they revisit the experience in their imagination, they only ever arrive at the same destination. So there is no point whatsoever in trying to change their mind. In the complete absence of Awareness, people resort to tactics like demonising their opposition and turning to physical violence to force their beliefs into reality. Add enticements like the promise of 72 virgins… and the rest goes without saying.

 Many people suggest that you must only go by your own direct experience. They believe gaining experiential knowledge is the only way to the Truth. But these examples expose the flaws in this belief. Our senses are too unreliable and will limit us to only what we can see and feel ourselves. This is why it is essential to always remain open to other’s perspectives and experiences. It is no different when you reflect on how your own perspectives may have dramatically changed in the past. The nature of consciousness means that they will always continue to change - whether you like it or not. When people can’t or don’t like to change is when internal and external conflict and confusion manifest.

 This is why I don’t believe in having enemies or critics. There are those who understand and those that don’t. If they don’t, then I have to accept that I failed to communicate in a way that served us to share the Truth. I do my best, but you have to remember that neurologically, everyone is still only at infant level. So it is all just child’s play, where each individual is in pursuit of their dreams and fantasies, goals and aspirations. The individual’s ego and mindset vary according to its culture and indoctrination.

 As the internet and social media have grown, humanity has succumbed to a new all-time low in its attitude and behaviour towards their fellow man. Most people agree that the increase in the incidence of online racism, bullying, discrimination, harassment and a long list of phobias is reflecting in a marked decline in all facets of life. The explosion in the use of personal online devices has had the biggest impact on the younger generations, where such behaviour is now considered normal. In addition, the reality entertainment industry has promoted a culture of narcissistic, self-righteous and entitled people - and I am not just talking about the young generation. This trend is like a cancer spreading through all age groups in all cultures.

 Anyone in the public eye leaves themselves wide open to the worst humanity can throw at them. Most sportspeople, stars and celebrities etc. deal with the extremes of insanity on a daily basis. YouTubers like Louis Cole and Casey Niestat, intellectuals like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson, constantly get bombarded by haters and critics. Many public figures have expressed how challenging it is to stay above the onslaught, but their love for what they do helps them rise above all the negativity.

 For a few years, I followed a wonderful YouTube channel, BusLifeNZ. Andy and Amber Cleverly converted a bus into a motorhome and travelled around New Zealand with their two young children. Their channel was truly magnificent and they represented what I consider the very best of humanity. Unfortunately, they completely deleted their channel and returned to living a private life.

 One of the reasons they decided to discontinue documenting their adventures was the enormous amount of hate and criticism they received. Unbelievably, they even had death threats made against them! Amber declared how hard it was to deal with all the hate, to the point where it could make one lose faith in humanity.  You could not get any nicer people. They just wanted to celebrate life and share it with the world. Every episode was a breath of fresh NZ air. It was so nice seeing normal intelligent people doing what they loved. But they deleted their channel. (I really miss you guys, and I am sure many others do as well)

 Another example is how YouTuber Ellen Fisher, a wonderful vegan lady who shares her family’s experiences, was recently vehemently attacked by another YouTuber. The title was “Ellen Fisher teaches you how to endanger your children”. Ellen is the most incredible mother clearly doing everything she can for her children. This narcissistic vlogger took two conscious choices Ellen made in the past for her children and blew them out of proportion. 90% of the comments questioned in disbelief how Ellen’s choices could be completely misconstrued. The critic and many of her followers belligerently and viciously defended the statements, and could not see anything inappropriate. This is a typical case of how two people, who are meant to share the same outcomes, have two diabolically opposed views and intentions.

 This behaviour proves that it doesn't matter how pure, simple, natural and whole you are, and what you share is, the haters will find a way to twist and bend everything you think, do and say into something that is the total opposite. To the detriment of humanity, so many potentially great people have never shared their gifts, talents and skills with the world. Many are too paralysed with fear of criticism and crippled by censorship to even bother putting themselves out there. The fact is that the same people are in power today that forged the human condition that led to the said demise of Jesus. Therefore, it is only natural so many people refuse to leave themselves open to being betrayed and crucified by cyberbullies and psychopaths.

 It seems we no longer have the right to freely think, do or say whatever we feel is True for us without having to justify or explain ourselves. Haters and bullies adopt a position of authority and deny anyone the right to think, do or say anything outside their own paradigm. Their reality is limited to just Yin and Yang. There is no recognition of any states beyond duality - or their next dopamine hit. The hits come in the form of making a nasty video, posting a critical comment, giving a thumbs down or sending a disapproving emoji - as well as getting a thumbs up from supporters or a reaction from their target.

 An enormous number of people resort to the online character assassination - slandering and defaming anyone who doesn’t share their same beliefs and values. A deranged sense of self-righteousness means they attempt to tear down and destroy the reputation of those who contradict the stories running through their heads. They elevate themselves to claim the moral high ground, and with toxic levels of prejudice and bias endeavour to reduce everything down to their level of perception.

 Many weak personalities hide behind aliases, just to isolate and protect their compartmentalised identity from any reprise. Their puffed up egos lack any real strength or courage. This cowardly behaviour only reveals how superficial they really are, and that they are unable to perceive past all the archetypes within the Spectrom and see all of Life as the One Self.

 People who are stuck in duality become rigid and unable to identify or comprehend true change or growth. Therefore, your transformation will appear to them as the most evil of paths to take. They deny you the experience of transcending all influences and be self-determining. Their minds literally become full of doubt, judgment and question. Every thought is an external projection of guilt, shame or blame, and their desire for fame having brought about their version justice.

Their mental constructs are all in compensation for the initial deficiencies and excesses of which they were a victim. The lack of Intelligence pathways due to this is what determines the traits of their compensated personality. So it is never their fault they are the way they are.

 The specific emotion and the degree of emotional charge they have around the particular topic will be in proportion to the actual or perceived suffering they experienced in the past, experience in the present, and expect in the future. All in all, the momentum of this stops them from ever Being Present and able to Truly go within. Instead, they will remain looping in fault-finding mode until the Universe knocks sense into them again.

 Because they are stuck in the negative spin of duality, all possible Truth and inspiration around the people or object they are fixated on will be overlooked or vehemently denied and dismissed. Their beliefs and accusations will be the total opposite of what is True and Real - but they will rightfully argue their point because their limited perceptions make it very real to them. The joke is that they will keep giving people pieces of their mind until they have nothing left.

 Haters and bullies are not capable of realising it is their own beliefs system playing themselves out, which actually add to the separation and division within humanity. They are too caught up in competition and rivalry, trying to get validation, acceptance or approval from people outside of themselves to make up for what is missing within. The more energy they put into their agenda, the more removed they become from the true inner connection. Until they awaken and see that the joke is on them, they simply will not be able to heal or grow.

 It is impossible for them to see that other people make choices based upon a completely different perspective or level of consciousness. Their inflated intellectual or spiritual pride prevent them from being able to realise their opinions are only based on their limited perception and programmed bias. Every attempt to defend yourself will only lead to an even more vicious retaliation. They will continue to headbutt you with conjecture without end. If it wasn't all such a tragic waste of life, it would be hilarious.

 It is often impossible to comprehend what these people get out of being so despicable. It is because their agenda only serves themselves, and their endgame is actually delusional. When they fail to see through all the illusions of reality, they only believe what their senses tell them. There are infinite ways to respond, but they are neurologically and intellectually limited to reactions. The projections of anger, hatred, fear and jealousy only causes them to suffer more. It not only severely impacts their own state of being, it also dramatically adds to the decline in the morphic resonance of Life on Earth. This is the exact reason why the Illuminati promotes such behaviour across all platforms.

 So many haters are in such a pathetic state that they may appear too far gone. But this is never the case. Or more to the point, it must never be allowed to be believed to be the case. The true power of love and compassion can overcome even the darkest and grossest state. The world is full of miracles. We just have to be open to the fact that even the most evil people are worthy and deserving of healing. The only way we do this is through being empowered with enough awareness to be able to unconditionally forgive. The world is the way it is simply because the true nature of this quality has been forgotten.

 However, trying to deal with insanity is often equal to pouring your life down the drain. How many times have you talked with someone for 2 hours, only to have them turn around and go, “Yeah, but…”? Engaging in such activities ends up being a waste of life. Unfortunately, nothing can or will change within them until they have suffered enough to realise their own flawed perceptions. The fact will always remain that it is impossible for a caterpillar to understand the experience of a butterfly until it has gone through the transformation itself.

 Therefore, don't make it your business to know what is being said about you. It is just a distraction away from your true inner work. Remember the saying in Zen, “Your opinion of me is none of my business”. That means it is nobody else’s business to know either! If anyone is dumb enough to listen to the opinions of fools, let them listen.

Society lusts for conflict and confusion, and the insane thrive on creating war. Internal and external destruction. They will always try to pick a fight and incessantly bait you into an argument. I suggest there is already enough insanity in this world today. Responding to the madness will only ever add to it. You don't have to meet their ignorance and arrogance with anything more than silent compassion. “Just smile and wave…” as you walk away, and focus ALL your energies on what you are contributing to humanity’s conscious evolution.

 What is missing is a code of conduct. In my book and one of my blogs, I share what I call ‘The Conditions of Unconditional sharing’. They are simple guidelines to keep everything and everyone living True to the here and now. It seems very few people possess the level of honour and integrity to share this experience. I also share the reasons why in another blog, “Why do people hate people?”

 Life as we know it appears very real to every single one of us. But it is almost certain that each person involved in an event will have a totally different experience of it. I used to experience this on a daily basis when I was with the masters in India. A master would communicate with a group of 18 people, and every one of them would see or hear something completely different. If they sat in a circle, they would all swear their account was the only true one. If those within a shared experience have completely different interpretations of it, then what chance does an outsider have of gaining any truth from being told of it?

 I know the masters would play on this element of consciousness, and use it to reveal those who were able to keep their heart and mind solely focused on the timeline where the Ultimate experience of Divinity is unfolding within the All. This is the essence of everything I share. Life is very simple. We are all One, experiencing our Divine Nature within infinitely diverse forms, in all dimensions of time and space. You are either consciously aware of your true place within the whole Spectrom, and living accordingly, or you are not. If not, then it is best you go inwards and stay there until you can.

 I have been observing and experimenting in consciousness my entire life, yet I am not foolish enough to claim I know anything, let alone the Truth. I have not come to any solid conclusions whatsoever. This ensures I remain open to the new, and prevents me from forming an opinion about anything - because it is never appropriate to think we can really know the whole picture in the limited form we embody. All we can do is come to Know Thyself.

Therefore, I am only sharing my perceptions and observations of my internal experiences and shared external experiences. I share the essence of my journey in my book The Nature of Life. It is a thesis proposing a model for Life, to be shared with like-minded souls and enable them to consciously come together as a community. It explains how everything is relative Truth based on each individual’s state of being. The sum of ALL our experiences is what is True for me.

 I do this work because it is fun - well, it is most of the time anyway. However, many years ago when I started roaming the world I expected to find a conscious community of kindred spirits - where everyone would be like Sadhguru. Now that would be greatest fun. But it seems it is not yet time for that reality. So we must be patient. We have to remain at Peace by staying inwardly connected to that one timeline where it is inevitable we all awaken to our true Nature.

 Meanwhile, many people read my book and attend my events hoping to gain some kind of advantage in the world. The only benefit to what I have to share is that it will give you the ability to honour everything for what it is. To the point where it will eventually go without saying. But as you can tell, we are still quite a way of from that being a reality - so I am still talking and writing.

 To be clear, I'm not interested in being a teacher, guru or anything of that nature. I would much prefer to remain anonymous. I'm not in any way interested in trying to convince or convert anyone. I simply want to get on with living it with those who share the same intents and purpose. Until this becomes a reality, I will just go about doing whatever I have to do - and as Bruce Lee said, “Be like water”.

 It's become a fact that in this world it has become easier to hate than to love. It is easier to sentence a person to jail and condemn them with ridicule than to sing their Soul song or do Ho'oponopono. There are those who claim to be spiritual and humanitarian yet indulge in making rumours and spreading gossip, in an effort to create a scandal to further their personal agenda. Simply ignore such fools. Just ignore them completely. They are nothing more than distractions you need to navigate around on your Soul Path.

 If you find yourself in a situation where you are being bullied or hated upon, just realise that you can only be influenced by such things when you believe such things can influence you. Just keep your eyes and heart focused on the present, and leave the past behind, and be instrumental to the future. Only spend your time and energy on those with whom it all goes without saying. Everything and everyone else is literally not worthy of a comment.

 It's immediately obvious what a person's intentions are. It is essential to understand that everything a person thinks, says or does comes from a place that is superior, inferior or equal. Everyone treats you according to how they perceive you. When they are strong in an area of intellect but lack development within the 9 Areas of Intelligence, they will feel superior and make out you are less than you who you appear to be. They will try to cut you down and deny you the experience of being more than you appear to be. When people are able to see everyone as equals, they will honour you to be all that you are. This is obviously the basis for unconditional Love, but so few people are capable of actually feeling it.

 Some time ago, I asked a business mentor how to go about marketing something completely new. He said it is impossible to promote anything new like what I have to share with the world. The sad fact is that people aren’t open to anything new. They think they already know everything they need to know, or have experienced it all before. History is obviously full of people who endeavoured to share something new and came to an untimely demise. Today, if you try to offer something outside people’s current perceptions, you will instantly cop the most extreme reactions from countless strangers all around the world. (Read my blog on this topic)

 If you let them get to you, then the evil wins once again. Many people end up completely demoralised depressed or disheartened. Some people go through an existential crisis when dealing with the insanity (Read my blog on this topic). Ultimately, Life is very short, so don't get tempted into wasting your time and energy on resisting anything dualistic in nature. Rise above it all by aligning and connecting with your Soul Elements. But you will still have to play the game. You just need to be smart in how you play, and which games you play.

 So only do what you ultimately want - because in this world, there will be consequences regardless of what you do. If you make decisions on your highest level of consciousness and act with honour, then you will be at Peace regardless of what anyone thinks, says or does. Until you reach that point, you won't have earned your stripes to enter into the true kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

 Always remember, fear loads the gun and ignorance pulls the trigger. So if or when a hail of bullets is directed your way, just be like Neo in the movie The Matrix and hold up your hand and say, “NO!”. Follow in Swami Vivekananda’s footsteps and just keep walking South - by learning to mind your business, completely. The, and only then, will you be fit to fulfil what you are here to do - share the beauty of your unique creative genius with the world.

Love and Light

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

If you would like a new wholistic perspective and approach to life, or work in the alternative and natural health industry and are seeking the big picture, I suggest you read THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world and learn how to maximise your ability to serve others. Click on the link below to purchase your copy now

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world




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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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THE NATURE AND TYPES OF THOUGHTS: Further Defining The 18 Origins of Thoughts


The mind has proven an elusive obstacle to thousands of people seeking enlightenment. Throughout history, countless philosophers have put forth their ideas as to what thoughts are and how they arise. Most saints have given advice on how to conquer the mind, and many enlightened beings have prompted us to transcend it. A seeker asked the Indian saint Ramana Maharshi, “Are there degrees of sorrow?” He replied, “All thoughts are sorrowful!” The saying, “Enlightenment is the space between two thoughts” hints at the nature of thoughts.

How is it that we are so ignorant of our mind’s nature, despite all these years of ‘evolution’ as a species? Even with all the research and science, the endless self-help books on ‘positive thinking’ and mental development, and the words of wisdom from all the philosophers and saints over the millennia - the average person today remains oblivious to the workings of their own mind, what influences it, or how to control and focus it!

Before we can claim anything like the new age philosophy purports - in being able to create our own reality, or make the right ‘choices’ - we must first be directly aware of what our thoughts actually are, where they come from, and what determines which thoughts manifest into our reality. No one has ever been able to tell me how to do this - yet so many people claim to be the creator of their reality.

There is a very unhealthy degree of pride and prejudice when it comes to dealing with the psychological problems and patterns of behaviour in others. Many boast about their intuitive abilities, and in the next breath criticise others for their mental weaknesses. Some are even judgmental towards those they consider are not taking enough responsibility, or have poor willpower. Those who make poor life choices, or are stuck in a pattern of behaviour, are also accused of being weak in character. In Truth, we can only be response-able if we have the ability to respond!

One renowned new age guru stated that having distracting thoughts enter your mind while meditating is a form of self-sabotage. Considering that no one seems to know where or how their thoughts arise in the first place, this is somewhat of a false statement. It’s like accusing a hyperactive child of being irresponsible for going crazy after they have just drunk red cordial. Both are victims of an imbalance that creates disturbing thoughts.

The following is the result of my own personal experience, meditation, experimentation, and observation. I have been investigating the nature of this subject since I was 19. This was when I first became aware of the factors behind our mental states and how to concentrate and focus our mind. At the time, I was involved in kart racing. One day during practice, I lost concentration due to dehydration and fatigue, causing me to make an error in judgment and crash at high speed.

This moment was a major turning point in my life and it initiated the journey I have been on ever since. I have gone on to spend every spare moment observing and investigating the body-mind-spirit connection and the nature of consciousness. I have taken a forensic-like approach to this subject, researching even the subtlest influences on our experience of reality.

 This topic has been the most interesting Aspect for me to share. It is ironic being in a society that prides itself on its mental abilities, yet there appears to be a TOTAL lack of awareness as to how thoughts originate and what factors influence our State of Mind. Therefore, the ultimate question for The Mental Aspect is:

What exactly is a thought?

 We all need to be able to answer this question, so we can then answer these questions:

  1. Where do thoughts come from?
  2. Can we actually change what we think?
  3. If yes, exactly how can we do it?

Our thoughts play such a critical part in determining our individual realities, so if we can’t divulge the answers to these questions; then we would have no real basis for any further discussion. Therefore, it is essential to realise that there are in fact 18 different origins as to where your next thought could come from. Many people want to debate and argue whether it is possible to develop such a clear perspective of thoughts. It is effortless once you have the ability to accurately perceive the nature of your thoughts: Here is an analogy:

- If we stand beside a busy intersection on a road, we can easily determine the direction each vehicle is coming from. With equal ease, we are able to discern each type of vehicle - be it a bicycle, moped, motorbike, car, van, bus, truck etc.

When we are able to maintain our true natural inner experience, we can witness the thoughts in our mind coming and going with ease. The reason why people cannot determine the nature of their thoughts is that they cannot attain the required state of stillness, emptiness or silence.

There are many different factors involved in how each thought actually arises within the mind. We will explore these in more detail soon. In the meantime, we need to define The 2 Types of Thoughts - INWARD COMING and OUTWARD GOING THOUGHTS.

2 TYPES.png

In every moment, you are either outwardly thinking with a positive or negative emotional charge, or inwardly feeling The Divine Flow. All thoughts either raise or lower your vibration - or more accurately, every increase or decrease in your vibration gives rise to a thought. The resulting thought then continues to raise or lower your vibration. We will now examine The 3 Natures of Thoughts.


To distinguish The 18 Origins of Thoughts, we must examine them according to their type and nature. The table below presents the colour code used to categorise The Origins of Thoughts.


Listed in the table below are The 18 Origins of Thoughts, relative to their type and nature.

18 ORIGINS.png

Dualistic Outward Going Thoughts are ALWAYS based on a doubt, judgment or question, and laced with guilt, shame and blame. They are never focused on the here and now. Whereas all Divine Inward Coming Thoughts are always stemmed with Love and devotion, and are centred in the present. Therefore, we need to be consciously aware of all the subtle changes within the dodecangle, which bring about shifts in our consciousness and changes in our states of mind. If we are not aware, we will just be a victim of our ignorance, and go through life experiencing random moments of clarity and confusion.

The masters who have guided me in this work told me very emphatically, that we must be able to determine the origin of every single Outward Going Thought, as well as connect with the source of every single Inward Coming Thought. Before we can do this, it is necessary to go into the details of the nature of each of the 18 thoughts, and explain the common denominator that they all possess. All 18 thoughts are usually present at any point in time. I use the analogy of a radio tuner:

-  A radio can tune into a spectrum of frequencies and channels. Even though you may only tune into one frequency and channel at a time, all the other frequencies and channels remain available. However, the radio can only tune into the range of frequencies it was made to work within. It will not be able to access frequencies above or below its range. It may also depend on the amount of energy available to power it. If the batteries are low, it may not be able to receive the signals.

The mind is like a dial that has the ability to shift between multiple thought streams. Your attention can instantly shift between any combination of thought impressions. If you are not integrated, this is not a conscious or deliberate act, whereas when you are balanced, you can remain focused on whatever thought stream, or any number of thought streams, you seek.

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding our thoughts is that the brain is the seat of the mind. This is the result of failing to make a distinction between thoughts and consciousness. Thoughts arise within consciousness, but are not consciousness itself. Saying they are the same would be like mistaking the contents of a filmstrip as the Light that illuminates it. Consciousness is seated in every living cell. It is the communication within an organism, or between organisms, that form the mind. If the cells of an organism vibrate at a certain Level of Consciousness, then they will only communicate that level of information.

Therefore, the seat of the mind is NOT the brain. The brain and the nervous system are very much like a telecommunication network. They communicate what is going on within the rest of the body. The nervous system consists of cells that can have problems of their own, which affects their ability to function properly. To clearly distinguish the role the nervous system plays, let’s use an analogy:

-  If there are two people arguing over the telephone, you cannot blame the telecommunication network for the problem, as it is only the means of communication. On the other hand, if there is a problem with the telecommunication network, then that is a different story altogether.

In the same way, if the two kidneys are stressed, the information will go via the brain to the rest of the body. The source of the problem isn’t identified as being in the brain. If there is any internal problem with the nervous system, or any external interference that causes the information to be blocked or distorted, then that is obviously a separate issue.

Some thought processes do involve brain function. Obviously, there are many mental processes made possible by brain function. However, the level of brain function you develop is LARGELY determined by the physiological activity within the rest of your body. A huge number of factors determine the actual functions of the brain itself, which we will cover in the Neurological Aspect.

Some claim thoughts have a magnetic power that can be used to create and influence your reality. However, thoughts are actually the result of magnetic energy! Thoughts may appear to have a magnetic power, but each origin is the result of all the precursors that cause them to arise. The ‘power’ that low vibrational thoughts seem to have is more like a momentum. There is a snowball effect, which appears to attract more of the same or lower energies as they descend in a spiral. In a high vibrational state, the experience is one of being drawn further into an empowered or enlightened state. This is the natural result of being true to The Nature of Life.

A comprehensive definition and expansion of the nature of each origin of thought impression would fill a book by itself. This is neither practical nor necessary, as a brief outline will give you sufficient information required to maintain awareness in your daily life. The most important thing to remember overall is - once your intention is on maintaining The Intuitive Process, the nine origins that can be dualistic then align with the elements that activate their Divine potential. This enables you to experience The Divine Bottom-up Experience.

All the Origins and Sources are together in the following table, together with examples of each of their natures.


I go into each kind of thought in great detail in my book, THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world. This is one of the most fun topics I get to share, and even after 35 years of research into this subject, I am yet to find anyone else who is able to explain the true nature and origin of thoughts. I trust you enjoyed this introduction to the topic. 

Love and Light

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.


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