THE LAW OF SYNERGY: The most important factor in nature

Nature uses very subtle, but immensely powerful Laws in its expression. The explosion that comes from splitting an atom in a nuclear blast is an awesome display of the latent power contained within it. Everything in Nature has cycles, rhythms and patterns, which keeps the whole flow of Life in balance. However, the use of synergy in Nature enables things to grow.

 Synergy occurs when the sum total of all parts is greater than the individual parts, or the output is greater than the input. This is observable in every aspect of life - e.g. Doubling the thickness of a rope may increase its strength by four times; two elephants can pull three times more weight than one; all the colours of a rainbow combine to make white Light; mixing primary colours to make new colours.

 The examples above are what I call a ‘Positive Synergy’, which creates forces that are beneficial to life. There is also ‘Negative Synergy’, which is where multiple energies are reversed, creating destructive forces, which can manifest in your life internally, externally or both. For example:

  •   A person eating food that has been: genetically modified; imported from the opposite hemisphere (where the Earth’s magnetic field is reversed); irradiated; processed; refined; fortified; reconstituted; cooked; wrapped in plastic; frozen and then reheated in a microwave oven. They may eat this, followed by chocolate ice-cream; while watching violence on television; be smoking drugs and drinking alcohol, as well as arguing in bad company - late at night! - This is the extreme opposite to how indigenous people eat and share food.

 It appears that the dominant force in the world today is Negative Synergy. The more this occurs in life, the more people are unable to see the True Nature of anything! The further we go away from Nature, the more the world becomes toxic - and we become increasingly blind to it, literally!

 Everything in spirituality, science, mathematics, nature, music and the Arts share the same Laws of Creation. Every Law can be represented by: a spiritual passage, a scientific formula, a mathematical equation, a symbol in Nature, a musical note, and a posture or stance and movement in the Arts. Therefore, every sentence in this book ultimately has an equivalent mathematical equation, musical tune, scientific equation etc. However, mathematics is the true language of the Universe.

 Many people reading this may roll their eyes at the idea of maths playing such a big role in the Universe. But if they can overcome the aversion acquired in their ‘education’, they will see the truly magnificent nature and beauty of mathematics. We can all gain so much empowerment by understanding mathematics – especially the nature of synergy. Therefore, it is essential to realise,


 This cannot be overstated! This is an incredibly powerful thing to know. Once you understand the practical application of the Natural Law of Synergy, you will be able to be effective at maintaining growth and development in every aspect of your life. However, the key point is knowing exactly how to create true change.

 Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.