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Brian is an author, philosopher and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He is the author of The Nature of Life, an indepth 600 page textbook on wholistic health and natural living. He presents a wide range of seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

Brian independently and passionately researched health, healing and spirituality for over 30 years. Through extensive study, research, investigation, clinical experience and personal exploration, Brian developed an all-encompassing model that can be applied to any and all fields of science and life. His model becomes a complete working system, which serves to integrate every aspect of our lives, on every level of our being. This allows us not only to find the solutions to all our individual problems; it provides the answer to the overall situation we face as a race.


Brian believes in personal sovereignty and everyone's right to be self-empowered and live a self-sufficient life. He supports the idea that we are all creative beings, each with our own unique gifts and genius to be shared. His mission is to provide every man, woman and child on Earth the opportunity to receive the benefits of his years of study, research and experience. He seeks to give everyone the chance to learn all the techniques that he has learnt and developed, so they can apply them anytime, anywhere, with anyone, for any reason. The intended outcome is that everyone is self-empowered, and can thrive to fulfil their true potential and purpose - and share in the collective experience of the journey of life. He follows two simple Laws: Do No Harm, and Love All, Serve All.

Brian's material and techniques offer a pure, simple, natural and wholistic approach and perspective that we can all live by. He intends to have his life's work contribute to the complete replacement of the existing model and system, which dominates humanity's current reality. He seeks to work with like-minded individuals and groups to restore the natural harmony within us, between us, and with our environment. 



change - growth - transformation

denotes a unifying body, acting as a hub for all other elements under its umbrella. The purpose is to establish a common ground for all components of society. Working for and based on universal truths, irrespective of race, culture, religion, age, status, or gender. Supporting the personal and collective development of the world and its inhabitants.

We can only perceive the white light frequencies within the whole electromagnetic spectrum in which everything physically manifests. Spectrom encompasses everything that is manifested and unmanifested within the entire Spectrom of Consciousness. Because Spectrom embraces all elements of life, this hub is very environmentally conscious, and believes living in harmony with our environment is at the core of the move towards positive change.  Spectrom would like to acknowledge and support sustainable and self-sustaining practices, and urges us to use our intelligences and combine our efforts towards growth particularly in this area. 

Spectrom is based on the principles presented in Brian Gerard Schaefer’s eBook  The Nature of Life. This book is a self-empowerment tool in which individuals can understand not only what they need to attain balance, but maintain growth in any area of their life. The journey begins as personal - where individual growth sprouts and blooms, then spreads into a collective growth on a global scale. Spectrom’s intent is to boost humanity’s experience of life, and promotes a truly self-governing race.

Spectrom’s dreams are BIG! - and looking at the present state of the world, they may appear unrealistic - but so did at one point in time flying a plane, the light bulb, women’s rights, driving cars and the internet. Therefore, Spectrom asks you to imagine and dream BIG with us… because essentially this is what we all want – and if we are not moving in that direction then… 

This may seem obvious, however at times we just need to be pointed in the right direction. Spectrom is that point, and endeavors to enable people to align and connect with their true place within the matrix of life.