THE BECKONING: Your destiny is calling


To fully appreciate the power of intuition, we have to take a closer look at the real dynamics at work within them. Before you can consciously stay aligned and connected with your intuition, you need to be able to answer one essential question.

 Do you feel or believe that it is inevitable that your Soul will merge back with the Source?

 Or to put it another way, will The Spirit giving you life eventually return to where it came from?

 Your potential to draw upon the guidance of intuition depends on how you answer this direct question. This material is here to remind you of what you innately know on the deepest level of your being, that returning to your natural state is inevitable! Fulfilling your potential is inevitable! And fulfilling your purpose is inevitable!

 This blog is affirming to you right now, EVERYTHING IS INEVITABLE! - even if you don’t believe it, whether you accept it or not, regardless if you feel it or not, irrespective of what you think is possible, despite everything you think could stop you, no matter what interference or influences you face along the way - EVERYTHING IS INEVITABLE!

 Your Soul’s evolution and journey through Life will eventually lead to your ultimate fulfilment! This will come having achieved your true potential and having fulfilled your unique purpose. If you don’t yet feel the inevitability, don’t worry. That feeling will definitely come once you have learned and practiced the techniques I share. In the meantime, I encourage you to follow your Heart as best you can, and focus only on the thoughts and feelings that promote a sense of gratitude for the gift of Life within you.

 When you do feel it is inevitable, you can be guided every single step along the way towards the inevitable outcome. Your future and higher Self have everything under control and are beaming back all the love and guidance you could ever wish for. They are like loving and supportive parents at the finish line of a foot race, enthusiastically cheering on their child. This is why I call it THE BECKONING. They are beckoning you on, encouraging you to devote yourself to doing everything you need to do to fulfil your inevitable potential and purpose.

 You need to be able to look upon yourself with absolute compassion and honour, and answer the calling. As the journey unfolds towards your destiny, you will be able to direct your energies back to your past self, with the same sweetness you have towards a child.

 Intuitions are the source of motivation that drives sports people on to success. People often say in their victory speech that they have been visualising that moment for years, and it has now come true. The experience they had was always going to be a part of their destiny. Their level of commitment to achieving success stemmed from this inner knowing. The intensity of the feelings that came with their victory made the event inevitable.

 Many people have asked me, “How do I know what I should commit myself to?” Simply ask yourself “Do I feel it is inevitable?” If not, then chances are it is a compensatory interest or not the highest possible path available at present. I have a saying, “If in doubt, stay out!” Therefore, if you are confused about something or have to think about it too much, then it is probably not part of your destiny.

 There is another important factor that needs to be brought to your attention. If you truly surrender, and transcend the belief in freewill, and realise and accept that everything is inevitable - then everything between now and then MUST BE EFFORTLESS. If everything we are doing is returning to our natural state, and everything coming to you through intuition is according to the Divine, then it should all be effortless and automatic.

 A master once emphatically told me, “Your effort is to maintain the effortlessness!” The true meaning of effortless does not mean a lesser degree of effort, it means no effort at all! It reflects a constant connection to your inner guidance, prompting you to live the highest truth in each and every moment. You don’t even need to stop and think about anything. Everything you need will come to you while you remain in what I call, a state of Grace. You are full of Peace and joy as you are drawn into your destiny. You trust the universe will fulfil all your needs, as you follow your heart, immersed in everything you truly love.

 You have the opportunity to embrace the natural path of least resistance. Every breath and heartbeat you are given is an affirmation that you are here to fulfil a purpose. This is made easier knowing that you will ALWAYS be directly guided and protected by your future Self. It is guaranteed and inevitable that you will reach your potential and fulfil your destiny. Therefore, in the simultaneousness of time, your future Self is living that now, and is sending you the intuitions on exactly how to get there. You may as well learn to stay online and make your journey effortless.

 The material I share is designed to direct your attention to the part of you that is connected to the Truth within. This is the Truth that is not just true for you, but for every one of us! The magnitude of the potential opportunity life offers each and every one of us is beyond your imagination. So make a promise to yourself, on the deepest level of your Being, to honour this process and make it part of your life. In the same way you send all the information back to yourself each night on going to sleep, know that your future and higher Self are sending you everything you need to succeed at every point along the way.

 When you send intuitions back to yourself, you can honour the fact that every thought you ever had has brought you a step closer to this point of realising the Truth. Every memory of stress or trauma you have can be transmuted into a pivotal point of trusting your inner knowing, which you are NOW affirming to yourself. Your life will continue to flow effortlessly, and your guidance will get stronger and clearer, as your move ever closer to the inevitable.

 Intuitions are a natural function of The Higher Mind. They utilise that part of our Mind so it fulfils its intended role in our daily life. The intuitive process ‘evolved’ naturally to create cognitive ease, so we can be intuitive in everyday situations. They effectively minimise our need to ‘think’, in line with the natural path of least resistance. Why ‘think’ harder than you have to?

 Once you are aware of the nature and dynamics of the intuitive process, it becomes a way of instantly determining whether or not you are on your true path. This reinforces the fact that any trace of cognitive strain means you are not in the Flow. It also makes choosing your company very simple: Others either share the journey and support you on your path, or they don’t. The world will tempt you into doubting this way of being, as obstacles and resistance will occur, but you will always be able to navigate your way around such things gracefully.

 The dualistic experience that mirrors gratitude is the state of thankfulness on The Lower Mind Level. The partiality of the ego finds reason to be full of thanks for all the bad things that it does not have to contend with in life. A typical expression is, “Thank God I don’t have that in my Life”. This is a double negative state - which does not make a positive - and it does not imply that you have any gratitude for everything you do have.

 Maintaining the flow in your intuitions through the sense of Gratitude is only half of the picture. The other half is being able to see the same inevitable Truth unfolding in everyone person's life as well. This is the basis of your Inspirations.

 Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.