THE CONDITIONS OF UNCONDITIONAL SHARING: The true foundation for all relationships

Despite all the wisdom of the ages, all the great beings who have lived before us, and all the knowledge we have gathered over centuries, we are no closer to living in Peace as a race than we were thousands of years ago. In fact, there seems to be an ongoing decline in humanity as we regress towards self-extinction. Many people are stuck in false realities because there are no clear rules or distinct guidelines that everyone can agree to live by.

We ultimately need to find a way to dissolve all conflict and confusion within and between us. The only way we can do this is to establish concrete guidelines by which we all agree to live and share. Our failure to do this as a race until now may not instil a lot of confidence that this is even possible - but, as always, the answer is very simple. The first and only Law worth sharing is: DO NO HARM. This essentially needs to go without saying. Beyond that, there are six basic ‘conditions’ we all must honour. I call them The Conditions of Unconditional Sharing. They mean that everything we share must be:

  • WHAT - accessible, attainable, and experiential to all involved

  • WHEN - present time or directly related to The Common Purpose or common history

  • WHERE - here now, with past evidence, or within the perceivable future

  • WHY - to establish a Truth that is unanimous to every single Being

  • WHO - relevant to all present and be unanimous to every single Being

  • HOW - according to all the above

These conditions do not in any way limit our reality, they only serve to clarify the terms by which we live and share with others. We are free to talk about anything and do everything together, providing there is a common understanding of the purpose and intent behind the conversation or activity. We can still freely share our theories and philosophies, interpretations and observations, thoughts and feelings, but with a mutual acceptance of exactly what is being shared.

The sharing of personal experiences and understandings may be relevant, but it is not appropriate or relevant to discuss other people’s experiences or understandings. The instant outside information is brought into a sharing, it dishonours all those present and does everyone a dis-service. The information you give and receive MUST be replicable, accessible, attainable, transferrable and experiential for every person on Earth. To remain true - and present - all sharing must directly empower everyone present, to maintain their growth and serve humanity. Ultimately, you must:

-        Speak only from your own direct experience
-        Share only what you are able to remain consciously aware of
-        Live according to all Divine and Natural Laws
-        Practice and create only what is unanimous to all present
-        Cultivate what is self-evident and indisputable to all Beings
-        Never lie or exaggerate
-        Never be idle and waste time
-        Never speak of another person
-        Never speak without being asked to

There is no honour outside The Conditions of Unconditional Sharing. If you do NOT have DIRECT experience dealing with the issues and people involved – you are simply NOT entitled to an opinion, and do NOT have the right to make a comment! Life is essentially a need to know basis. If you don’t need to know, it is simply not a factor in your reality. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for you to have an opinion about another person’s life. Doing so only reflects a fundamental weakness within your own reality.

The Conditions of Unconditional Sharing are in no way enforced by external factors, but automatically arise out of an awakening to the true nature of our reality. Therefore, an individual’s attitude and behaviour directly reflects their level of awakening. When you have awakened, you are free of all doubt, judgment and question, and all guilt, shame and blame. You are saturated with gratitude and full of compassion towards all beings.

However, most people are not capable of waking up. They are victims of propaganda and lies, which keep them stuck in the delusions and illusions of their existing paradigm. Those who have not awakened tend to live and act contrary to these conditions, engaging in all kinds of matters that don’t directly involve them.

To live and share our true potential, we must all learn to literally mind our own business. This way of living in the world does not come from a state of mind or belief. It stems from a deep and conscious state of being, where there is the ability to maintain a conscious response according to the true nature of life. Many people believe they understand this principle and feel they live with integrity, but very few actually have a true conscious awareness of this state.

Violating these conditions impacts our relationships more than any other area of our lives. Most relationships are in fact built on the ego, which appears in the absence of our ability to be a conscious being. This is primarily the result of the conditioning and programming we get from our religion and culture. Modern society prospers by fabricating the opposite to these conditions.

Most forms of media are full of issues and affairs that are in no way relevant to the viewer’s reality. Social media feeds people’s thirst for distraction, appetite for gossip and addiction to drama. The broadcaster’s bias creates and perpetuates prejudice through presenting an endless array of comparatives. This instils and propagates the ‘us versus them’ mentality, which reduces our experience to a competition in the fight to survive.

We are constantly persuaded to jump to conclusions, and judge people we have never met or likely to meet. Those with inflated egos are overcome by self-importance and self-righteousness. They mindlessly construct stories in their heads, building cases to use against those who fail to conform to their views. Malicious and malevolent behaviour like slander, demonising and character assassination is the most destructive element in a society, causing a great deal of the needless suffering. A common example of this is the ever-increasing amount of bullying and narcissistic behaviour.

If you want to determine how conscious you really are, imagine if you reviewed a print out of all your thoughts at the end of each day. If you are truly honest with yourself, you would soon realise the true nature and intent of your thoughts, which either drive or inspire your every word and deed.

When you honour The Conditions of Unconditional Sharing, you can potentially be the conscious being you were made to be. But be warned, taking that path in life will most likely attract the greatest amount of criticism and resistance. Therefore, you must walk tall with your sword drawn, so you can continue to grow and develop the required strength - and then genuinely share the journey towards our ultimate experience.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.