The Next Evolution in Health and Healing

Universal Kinetics (UK) is a revolutionary kinesiology system with a unique wholistic approach to health, fitness, wellbeing and healing. This radically new perspective is a real game-changer, as it integrates the fundamental principles and protocols of all existing kinesiology techniques, as well as all other healing modalities and treatments, to create one complete universal system. Therefore, the practices and philosophies that can be combined with Universal Kinetics is unlimited.

UK utilises specialised methods of muscle testing to communicate with the innate intelligence of the body. You can gather the required information to determine what each individual requires at every stage of healing or development. The comprehensive UK procedure enables you to pinpoint the exact causes and treatments of disease. This system goes beyond simply treating health conditions, by equally facilitating true change, growth and transformation. This ensures the best possible outcome for everyone.

UK is the practical application of all the material Brian Gerard Schaefer has developed over the last 30+ years. It applies the information and universal principles presented in his eBook The Nature of Life. The workshops are accessible to everyone and don't require any prior education. They provide the ideal opportunity for all practitioners, particularly kinesiologists, to deepen and broaden their understanding and skills - and take their practices to a whole new level.


Brian believes in personal sovereignty and everyone's right to be self-empowered and live a self-sufficient life. He supports the idea that we are all creative beings, each with our own unique gifts and genius to be shared. His mission is to provide every man, woman and child on Earth the opportunity to receive the benefits of Universal Kinetics. His main intent is to give everyone the chance to learn the techniques so that they can apply them any time, anywhere, with anyone, for any reason. The intended outcome is that everyone is self-empowered, and can thrive to fulfil their true potential and purpose - and share in the collective experience of the journey of life.


This course is presented over 4 workshop levels:

  • Beginners, Advanced, Practitioner and Instructor

Note: There are prerequisites for the Advanced, Practitioner and Instructor Levels

This unique course is open to everyone interested in learning to use kinesiology in a totally new and wholistic way. You will be given the skills and confidence to immediately start using UK in your everyday life. Whether you just want to use it on your friends and family, or are seeking to become a skilled practitioner, this course gives you a complete foundation on which you can continue to develop and build upon for the rest of your life.

These workshops have not been accredited by any organisation or government as the intention behind them is to offer an alternative to the current system and paradigm. Brian offers a pure, simple, natural and wholistic approach and perspective that we can all live by. He seeks to work with like-minded individuals and groups to restore the natural harmony within us, between us, and with our environment.


What is in the training?

The central element of UK is the totally integrated procedure. You will learn to navigate your way through the procedure and gain the skills to perform the most thorough session possible. You will develop a full understanding of all the core elements that make up the unique model and system. You will know when and how to integrate another modality into the treatment. The depth and extent of the information you receive continues to increase with each level of the course.

Main points you will learn:

  • exactly what kinesiology is and how it works

  • how to incorporate all other techniques into your practice

  • Brian's unique wholistic way of working

  • understand the many healing benefits of the UK techniques

  • how kinesiology can help keep you and your loved ones balanced

  • the core methods that ensure you continue to improve

  • all the factors that support your ongoing practice

  • simple techniques that form the solid foundation of the art

  • and much more...

Who is UK for?

  • any one wanting to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands

  • open-minded individuals interested in a truly wholistic perspective and approach to life

  • genuine people who wants to be of service to others

  • authentic doctors, practitioners and healers who want to offer their clients the best possible care

  • parents and caregivers who want to understand their children's needs

  • kinesiologists who want to integrate their existing knowledge and skills into a complete system

Who UK is NOT for:

Universal Kinetics is not suitable for, and will not work for anyone who:

  • has a fault-finding mentality

  • has a superiority complex or saviour complex

  • is stuck in mainstream thinking and ‘mainstream alternative’ practices

  • is not open to the new-new on the leading edge of consciousness

  • only wants to help people with problems and solutions, and not offer true answers

  • is not genuinely interested in working wholistically

  • is not authentic about growing on all levels of their Being

  • is not truly devoted to the serving all living Forms and Beings


Those proficient in the course have the opportunity to become an approved UK Practitioner and UK Instructor.


Having attended a UK workshop, all participants can connect through a private UNIVERSAL KINETICS Facebook page. Send Brian a request message on Facebook to join the group.


Extra 2 hour classes focusing on specific elements of any level of the course material can also be offered on request. These special classes are ideal for those seeking to hone in on a particular area of the material.
*Participants must have completed the relevant level of the course to request a class.


The UK courses are now paperless and the printed manuals have been replace with specialised software installed on a 10" tablet* - conditions apply



Please check the CALENDAR page for the locations, dates and times.



There are NO PREREQUISITES - however, it is highly recommended that you read The Nature of Life book, or attend at least one of Brian’s workshops or seminars beforehand.


COST: $900
Repeats: $450

You will learn:

  • the fundamental principles and core philosophy of UK

  • the basic theories of kinesiology

  • all basic UK muscle testing techniques, with multiple practice sessions

  • basic UK methods and procedure to navigate through all the course material

  • how UK Model compares to all other techniques of kinesiology and healing

  • how to incorporate all other techniques, treatments and modalities into a session


  • 10" tablet
    - UK Practitioner Manual
    - UK Theory Manual
    - THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world - eBook

  • 1 - A2 UK Scan Chart


You will learn advanced theories and procedural techniques that will refine and speed up your skills. This ensures you offer the best possible treatment to gain maximum results.



COST: $900
Repeats: $450

You will learn:

  • the complex principles and philosophy of UK

  • the advanced theory of kinesiology

  • advanced UK muscle testing techniques, with more practice sessions

  • unique advanced UK methods and procedures

  • how to integrate all other techniques, treatments and modalities into a session


  • Additional Practitioner Manual content

  • Additional Theory Manual content

  • 2 x A1 UK Wall Charts



This level offers the practitioner the opportunity to further develop and refine their skills.

All the material presented will continue to evolve and expand, therefore there will be ongoing classes to integrate new material and techniques. Classes focusing on elements of the course material can also be offered on request or demand.



COST: $900
Repeats: $450

You will learn:

  • how to perform complex treatments using the UK procedure and techniques

  • how to merge all other techniques, treatments and modalities into a session

  • why it is so important for practitioners to be aware of The Nature of Life

  • the essential role the ability to meditate plays in the life of a practitioner and their clients

  • unique specialised techniques that Brian has developed over the last 20+ year


  • Additional Practitioner Manual content

  • Additional Theory Manual content

  • 2 x A3 UK Wall Charts



This level offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and become a facilitator in courses or an approved UK Instructor.

As the UK system becomes mainstream, there will be opportunities to teach the material and techniques. As Brian's focuses on developing and sharing the material in his other events, there will be ongoing need for instructors and trainers. This workshop gives you the opportunity to play a major role in the growth of the UK system.



  • A comprehensive understanding of the UK philosophy, theory and methods

  • A high level of competency in all advanced UK procedures and techniques

  • Participants must have a comprehensive understanding of The Nature of Life book

  • Participants must have a full understanding of ADARA DHYANA: Discover the True Art of Meditation (eBook coming soon)


COST: $1200
Repeats: $600


You will learn:

  • all the unique and advanced specialised techniques that Brian has developed over the last 20+ years

  • how to teach UK to anyone, anywhere, based on their level and range of knowledge and skills

  • to explain what makes the UK System so unique and why it is universally adaptable to all fields

  • how to determine the level of knowledge and integration within everyone you meet and share with

  • the ability to asses anyone's level of skill and efficiency in any modality or practice

  • why a comprehensive awareness of The Nature of Life is essential to everyone's ability to survive and thrive


  • Additional Practitioner Manual content

  • Additional Theory Manual content

  • 2 x A3 UK Wall Charts