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In 2005 I figured out the neurological basis for the human potential. I went on to devise a series of neurological tests that reveal an individual’s level of development and integration. I have since refined them to the point of being able to profile an individual's personality, based on what they can and cannot do. However, not a single person I have spoken to was aware of how their lack of integration was limiting their overall potential. By this I mean, their physical, material, mental, and spiritual potential.

This may sound shocking and implausible to some, but until now, the neurological tests have shown that no one is developed passed infant level. I have tested and treated thousands of people, of all ages, from all walks of life, all around the world - yoga practitioners, Pilates teachers, spiritual teachers, martial artists, elite athletes, professors, military officers, teachers, racing car drivers, truck drivers, rickshaw drivers, artists, actors etc. - and not one person was integrated.  The significance of this fact cannot be overstated.

Even though they may have been experts in their business, highly respected teachers, world-renowned entrepreneurs, masters of their arts, world champion athletes, or leaders in their field, they were all unable to do a very simple neurological test. The ramifications this situation has on our ability to find an effective solution is enormous.

I am currently working on a whole new theory regarding our overall development and integration. But for now, we will work with what is already widely understood and accepted. Most people now appreciate the fact that we have: a cranial brain, a heart brain, and a gut brain. The cranial brain has 3 layers, called the triune brain - reptilian, mammalian and cerebral cortex. I propose that each brain has undergone the same evolution, and therefore has the equivalent functions.

There is a lot of research looking at the level of development and integration within and between the layers of the cranial brain. A small part of my new theory involves the development and integration within and between the different brains and their layers. The new theory enables us to determine all the metaphysical relationships between the different parts of each brain have on our overall experience of reality.

My main area of interest is how the primitive reflexes prevent or limit the development of The 9 Areas of Intelligence. These areas of intelligence expand into 81 different intelligences, all of which have a physiological and neurological basis within our bodies. Therefore, any lack of development within and between the brains will limit our ability to fulfil our true potential.

Whenever the natural pathways in the body and brain develop fail to develop, the nervous system gets stuck in a survival state. We are forced to compensate, and we become limited by retained or residual primitive reflexes. An inability to thrive prevents all the pathways required to develop intelligence from forming. This means that most people are only learning to control their reactions. They are incapable of developing empowered responses because they altogether lack the pathways. This means our experience of reality is more or less restricted to that of an intelligent animal.

There is a saying, “We never really grow up. We just learn how to behave in public.” If everyone I have tested has not developed beyond infant level, then how is this impacting on our reality. What if everyone you know is really just an infant in adult form. This lack of neurological development and integration limits EVERYTHING we do - individually and collectively. These factors determine literally everything about us. Who we think we are. What we can and can’t do. Our strengths and weaknesses. Our personality. Our beliefs. Our sense of meaning and purpose. Our character traits. Our idiosyncrasies. Our ability to just BE.

The development of all our intelligences depends on our ability to engage in the diverse activities within The 6 Soul Elements. Our level of development determines the level of integration within and between our 9 Level of Being. When we evolve naturally, we will develop a conscious personality and be able to respond to life in an empowered way.

On the other hand, a lack of development and integration means an individual will compensate, and pursue The 6 Ego Elements in an effort to build their personality. The compensations cause a momentum within their body and mind, which acts like a gyroscopic force making it impossible to change direction. This the key reason why most people find it hard to shift their perception of reality and approach to life.

Not only are the pathways required to understand the true nature of life not present; the momentum of the compensatory pathways prevent us from ever being able to stop and consider an alternative to what we know or believe. The lack of natural pathways and excess of compensatory pathways causes ignorance and arrogance, reflected in people’s negative attitudes and behaviours. This is the very basis to the problem we face as a race. It is the basis for all the It is the root cause of the cognitive dissonance that perpetuates the decline of our species. Understanding this is the key to all our problems.

As you are probably aware, the state humanity is currently in has been deliberately created by the global elite. Everything they do is designed to manipulate and control us away from our natural state and prevent us from realising our true potential. The brainwashing and programming of humanity have been so effective that most people are not capable of considering an alternative outcome for humanity.

This is the main reason nearly everyone struggles to understand and accept the implications of my research. Trying to explain the effects a limited brain has on humanity is, as author Tony Wright states, "Like trying to explain dementia to the demented." Most people love the idea discovering their true potential. Many understand that there are neurological factors involved. However, not many people are open to the idea that they are only operating on their compensations.

Many people are addicted to their activities. They are not willing to consider giving them up and are reluctant to look for something else more in line with who they truly are. They are often caught in the identity they have around their physical, social or mental activities. They feed off the buzz they get from sharing their experiences, and are usually attached to the idea of ‘helping’ people. Most people are literally blind to the fact that - despite having a very ‘positive’ effect on their lives and the lives of those they share with - what they are doing is not actually serving others find the Truth and experience their true Divinity.

Very few people are genuinely interested in learning the truth about what is limiting them. The momentum of the compensations keeps most people living like a hamster on a wheel. They are always too busy and can never slow down, let alone stop. They habitually rush, which prevents them from being able to change and keeps them stuck in a rut. Most people’s lives are like a tail wagging the dog.

However, our true potential is not just being able to stop whenever we want or need to, but to be able to maintain inner STILLNESS. We can then consciously respond from that place within ourselves, then return to the stillness. This state is true freedom, and it enables us to be fully present in each moment.

Frankly, until everyone has a clear understanding and acceptance of the neurological basis for the human condition, it is impossible to begin to change anything! The only way we can start the process is to educate humanity, and provide a completely new perspective and approach to life. This is exactly what the 12 branches of my business SPECTROM is bringing to the world.

One of the main branches of my work is a revolutionary wholistic integration program, which enables people to discover and fulfil their true potential. It has been designed to remediate all the compensations and develop all the natural pathways - not just within and between the brains, but all the pathways within their entire being. It is a unique 18 stage process tailored to suit every individual’s unique configuration. It takes approximately 18 months to undergo the whole process, which I monitor closely via face-to-face appointments, or Skype sessions, which makes it available to everyone around the world. I will be doing a series of introductory talks and commence taking people through the program after the end of February 2018 (More details coming soon).

In the past, many people have got upset with me for not giving them a quick fix. They fail to realise that are no shortcuts, and like all things in nature, there is an entire process involved. It is also necessary that they undergo an awakening, in order to experience their true potential and purpose lying beyond their current frame of reference. Being able to share this process with everyone ushers in an exciting new chapter for mankind, and I look forward to presenting all the relevant information soon.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)


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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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