How to remain at Peace
while living in the modern world



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The Nature of Life presents a totally new way of looking at the world and how we live. This 600 page text book offers a new all-encompassing model and system for wholistic healing and natural living. It provides us with the means of bringing together all existing fields of thought – philosophy, religion, science, mathematics, language, art, and music. This comprehensive book presents detailed charts, tables and flowcharts that will enable you to navigate your way through life. It will empower you with the ability to transcend the negative influences in the world, and remain grounded in a true sense of being.

This book strips back all the mysteries and lies that prevent us from realising the truth about our nature and potential. It breaks down all the complexities we deal with on a daily basis by exposing the true simplicity of Life. The Nature of Life offers very simple and practical ways of addressing the complicated problems and issues we face as individuals and as a race.

The Nature of Life empowers you with the knowledge of how to:

  • balance all aspects of your life

  • restore a sense of peace regardless of your situation

  • heal yourself of any and all dis-eases

  • maintain a conscious connection to your intuition

  • help others in a way that is universally true

The book contains 7 sections that give you the whole picture:

Section 1 – Establishing The Foundation

Section 2 – Building The Wholistic Model

Section 3 – Forming The Matrix

Section 4 – The Dynamics of Life

Section 5 – Realising The Potential

Section 6 – Fulfilling The Purpose

Section 7 – The Complete Nature of Life

The Nature of Life is not just another source of information but a magnificent source of Inspiration. It took Brian over 30 years to research and develop all the material and 18 years to write it. We can now draw upon the wisdom of the ages and overcome the struggles of the modern world, and thrive as we fulfil our true potential and purpose.

The Nature of Life connects all existing fields of thought - philosophy, religion, science, mathematics, language, art and music - putting everyone on the same page. Brian presents key tools that allow us to consciously remain in a natural state of empowerment whilst living in the modern world.

Being all-encompassing, The Nature of Life inspires us to embrace the whole spectrum of life, taking us on a journey of self-discovery as it sets the foundation for a totally new approach to life. It is not just a book, it is a map, a tool, a path, and a work of art, explaining how we can bring everything into the present moment, and deliberately move towards a future only ever dreamed possible.

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"Our species has been through so much, and perhaps our history so far has been our collective childhood. Maybe we have finally begun to mature. Maybe we are prepared to understand The Nature of Life. Maybe we are finally ready to reach our potential. If so, we have the only book we ever need.

This is the real Celestine Prophecy. 

If we are to get out of this mess, it will be through the great Truths presented here.

If, like so many poets and thinkers, you have ever dreamed of the world that could be, and wept for the great potential squandered, may I present to you, the blueprint. 

This is the slap in the face humanity requires. By showing us The Nature of Life, it empowers us to get real. We find that getting real is not a grinding, toilsome process, but an effortless, beautiful, natural, divine unfolding.

Like many others, I have followed many different paths in my life. Brian's work is not so much a 'path' as an inter-dimensional wormhole.

Through Brian's material, I have become the person I have always felt myself to be. My world has been blown wide open - into reality, into nature, into love. I now see that we can live Heaven on Earth - within ourselves, with others, and with all."

Mason - Gold Coast, Australia

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A Profile of the Soul




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THE NATURE OF LIFE WORKBOOK offers you a unique opportunity to explore every element of your reality and life. This workbook covers nearly all components of the material presented in the main textbook THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world.

This 335 page eBook is a workable PDF, which allows you to document your personal growth via a series of questionnaires and exercises. It offers several practical tools to ensure that you stay on your path and keep moving forward.

This workbook contains 7 sections that give you the whole picture regarding your personal experience of The Nature of Life:

    - Revising The Foundation
    - Acting on New Wholistic Model
    - Personalising The Matrix
    - The Dynamics of Your Life
    - Realising Your Potential
    - Fulfilling Your Purpose
    - Your Complete Nature

*Coming soon*

ADARA DHYANA: Discover the True Art of Meditation

This book will redefine many of the common elements of meditation. It will offer a complete understanding of the core principles that govern our ability to meditate. Brian shows how we can to bring together all existing meditation and relaxation techniques and apply them to each individual when needed. He also gives us the ability to break down our experience into clearly defined stages. For more on the current workshops, click here.