INTUITIONS: Exactly what are they and how do they work?

 This is one of my favourite topics to share, because knowing how to consciously maintain a connection to our intuition is essentially the starting point for all healing and personal development. Intuitions are mostly overlooked as a phenomenon, but they are actually part of a natural process within our lives. I will share with you an excerpt from my eBook THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world, which reveals the first stage to this process.

 What are intuitions?

 Most people experience intuitions as a fleeting feeling that something is about to happen. It is widely accepted in many societies, often referred to as ‘the sixth sense’, ‘women’s intuition’ or ‘a mother’s intuition’. Intuitions vary from warnings of a particular danger, to clues that guide someone towards success. In the moment of the intuition, a person may feel a heightened sense of alertness or some degree of apprehension.

 Intuitions appear to pop up at random in our lives, and are all too often ignored due to being too busy or rushed. People often say in frustration and regret, “I wish I’d listened to myself!”, or “I knew I should have followed my gut feeling!” Many people are quick to describe themselves as being ‘intuitive’. They are often keen to relate experiences, or pride themselves on their past success. However, when asked if they know exactly what intuitions are, they admit to having no idea. Before I can explain the answer, I must first reveal how they work.

 How do intuitions work?

 It would be almost impossible to find someone who has never had some form of precognition - like an intuition, a feeling of guidance, or a premonition. Therefore, if nearly everyone is having intuitions, why is it that not one single person, anywhere, has been able to tell me EXACTLY how and why they work?

 The next important question is: If we can have these experiences momentarily, is it possible to consciously connect with them permanently? If so, then we must be able to make it a permanent state. We just need to be aware of the exact factors and state required to create the experience. The mechanisms that enable us to consciously align and connect with that state seem to have been suppressed, withheld, or simply not known or clearly understood. Until now!

 Despite many people’s beliefs, it is possible to maintain a conscious connection to your intuitions. They can easily become a conscious and deliberate experience, and permanent part of your reality. They are in fact a natural function of our mind, so there is no need for any mystery or confusion. We can now break down and explore the dynamics of EXACTLY how they happen.

 The best example I can give of how intuitions work is one that I am all too familiar with, and one that many others have experienced. Imagine you are speeding in a car and you have an intuition to slow down because there may be a speed camera ahead. So you listen to yourself and slow down. Sure enough, the police are just around the corner. You immediately breathe a huge sigh of relief and think, “Thank God I listened to myself!” Examples like this often occur in our lives, but how do we make them a permanent experience? It is easy once you understand exactly how they work.

 In the example of speeding in a car, in the moment where you see the police, a part of your consciousness sends information back through time to your past self, and alerts you with the knowledge of exactly:

  • What to do - “Slow down!”
  • When - “Right now!”
  • Why - “Because there is a speed trap!”

 This means you have the opportunity to receive intuitions from your future self, as well as send them back to your past self, in every moment of your life. Many people can easily accept this as an explanation, but we must be able to answer one important question before we can deliberately use our intuition.

 What exactly is it that opens the channels of communication, and fuels the transmission of the information between your past, present and future self?

 In the moment you realised you avoided being caught by the speed trap, the deep sense of gratitude opened up the pathways of communication and fuelled the flow of information between your past, present and future self. The intensity of the gratitude determines the strength of your intuitions.

 The Components of Information (What, When, How, Where, Why and Who) contained within the intuition are determined by the exact details of the situation you are observing at the moment you feel the gratitude. In the example above, you sent the image of the speed trap you saw back to your past self. The image contained information revealing what was coming and where it was. Because you were driving along in a state of gratitude, your energies were open to receiving the image. When it came into your mind, you sensed it was very close and felt the urgency, so you responded immediately by slowing down. Then in the moment you drove through the speed trap, the image was confirmed and the sense of gratitude arose, completing the feedback loop.

 Here is another example to highlight what governs The Components of Information within an intuition.

If you forgot you left a stove turned on, you may suddenly get a picture in your mind. You see your hand turning off a nob on the stovetop next to a glowing indicator light. You decide to check the stove and discover you left an element turned on under a pot. You feel a strong sense of gratitude as you quickly turn it off. In the moment of seeing your hand turning off the nob next to the light, your present self sends back the urgent information:

  • Where to go - the stove
  • When - immediately!
  • Why - you left the element on

    The intense feeling of gratitude and the affirmation of the details ensures that the messages you send back are strong and clear. Your past self can receive them without any doubts.

The clarity and intensity of an intuition increases relative to the number of things that are appreciated during and after the event. The degree and frequency of appreciation for the positive outcome, having avoided loss or experienced gain, has a compounding effect - so each time there is a sense of gratitude, the intensity and clarity of the details within the information sent in the original intuition amplifies.

 Your thought streams can potentially be a continual flow of intuitions. You can be sending and receiving them to and from all different points within your timeline. You can get an intuition from just moments ahead or many years ahead. At the same time, you can send an intuition back to anytime in your past. You can also communicate with your Self in other ‘lifetimes’, as well as your future and higher Self within other dimensions and worlds.

 Intuitions can occur at any time, and for any reason. They are a natural means of communication within you, to guide and heal yourself, and others. In a time of crisis, people often have an inner voice or knowing that they will somehow get through the ordeal. This sense is often your future self, sending you back the needed strength and guidance. A great example of this is the legendary story of mountaineer Joe Simpson surviving a climbing accident in the Peruvian Andes. In his book and documentary film, ‘Touching the Void’, he tells of the insistent voice within him that drove him on through the most extreme of circumstances and environments. Each time he relates his story, it compounds the appreciation, strengthening the original intuitive experience.

 People often think it is impossible to keep the mind focused on the intuitive process, but it is very easy once you understand how to do it. Staying connected with your intuition is not much different to having a song stuck in your head all day. It is in fact, the very same part of the mind, except you consciously use it in the way it is meant to be used - being guided by your future of higher Self.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.