CONVICTION, COMMITMENT OR DEVOTION: What is your level of dedication?

Today’s post is another excerpt from my eBook The Conscious Being: A Practical Guide to The Nature of Life. It happens to be from page 432, so it may resonate with you. :)

When we maintain a pure and simple lifestyle, we will naturally develop a deep sense of dedication to everything in our lives. There are 3 Levels of Dedication towards our Life Path or any other task.

1. CONVICTION - Conviction is the Knowing that there is only one true path you can take on your Soul’s journey. The point of conviction can come about as the result of suffering or inspiration.

2. COMMITMENT - True commitment is the Knowing that once you start on your Path, there is never any turning back! This Level of Dedication can only be reached through Inspiration.

3. DEVOTION - The true meaning of Devotion is that you are prepared to do whatever it takes to fulfil a task or your Purpose. This Level of Dedication can only be reached through Inspiration.

To develop true dedication, we must first be convinced of what to do. This comes from being able to determine the negative consequences or positive rewards. Once we gain clarity as to which way things will turn out, we can then commit ourselves to doing what is required. If we feel sufficiently strong about our mission, we will fully devote ourselves to the task to the exclusion of all other seemingly less important tasks.

Today, the use of these three words is all too frequent. They are usually in the context of a person’s level of motivation towards their goals or duties. However, very few people appreciate the real power these words possess when used in a spiritual context. We can use these words to symbolise The Level of Dedication a person has towards their growth on their true path in life. The confusion we see around the use of these words warrants a deeper investigation, so we can use them more deliberately.

The word dedication means that a person is able to focus fully on a single task, usually with an element of effort or sacrifice. The degree of effort or sacrifice an individual is prepared to undergo indicates the level of dedication. The willingness to exert effort and make sacrifices is directly in proportion to the importance the person places on the task in relation to maintaining or evolving within their state of being.

When we distinguish the three levels, we find that each level is its own distinct reality. In a spiritual context, conviction, commitment and devotion are Divine Qualities. As with all Divine Qualities, there are no degrees of conviction, commitment and devotion. Either you are convinced, committed or devoted, or you are not! - it is all or nothing!

All willingness to change comes from either suffering or Inspiration. Suffering will only ever convince you what isn’t working, never has worked, and never will work in the world. However, Inspiration enables you to see what is working, has always worked, and will always work. You can achieve the level of conviction through either suffering or inspiration. However, you can only reach the level of commitment and devotion through inspiration, because without an awareness of the Divine Laws, Dynamics and Processes at work, there can be no true insight into the real nature of life.

The Levels of Dedication relate to every aspect of being and facet of your life. They also determine our ability to start or finish something. The Buddha explained: “There are two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth: Not going all the way…. and not starting.”

It is only natural that the more imbalances you have in your life, the harder it will be for you to discriminate the Truth and dedicate yourself to your path. When imbalances are the dominant force in your reality, you will be indecisive and procrastinate.

It takes courage to change and follow your convictions. It takes even greater courage to follow your commitments. However, being committed is not the biggest challenge you may face. One of the hardest things you may experience is that, despite your best efforts, what you committed yourself to doesn’t actually work out. This may be in relation to your job, relationships or health and fitness. Sometimes, you just have to accept that what you wanted or needed just aren’t meant to be.  

The level of courage required to experience true devotion is rarely experienced. Devotion is the natural outcome of growth on all levels of your being. This experience can be extremely painful, because it requires you to undergo a complete transformation. It is the worst kind of existential crisis, because all your reference points of what you thought was true and real will be stripped away. For a period of time, you will feel completely lost and confused. Very few people have developed devotion because they are too compromised in their life, or lack the courage to go through the period of darkness to reach this level of dedication.  

When you live with conviction, commitment or devotion, you may find yourself subjected to all kinds of judgments and criticisms. People in a dualistic state will project their own reality onto you and  misinterpret everything you do and say. The beauty of feeling true dedication is that it gives you the inner clarity and strength to not give a damn about what anyone else thinks, says or does. You know in your heart you are on your true path, and that is all that matters. Within that feeling, there is Peace, and that is the only thing that will guide you towards fulfilling your true potential and purpose.

Unless the people around you reflect the same level of dedication that you live by, you cannot expect to have a true sharing with them. Therefore, as the Buddha said, “Travel with thy equals or thy better. If non available, travel alone.” Your main focus is on having fun and being creative. This keeps you true to the nature of life, so you can be guaranteed that everything will flow in the right direction.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.