SENSITIVITY: Our capacity to Love and share bliss

We all have an innate Knowing within us. Most of us never realise it’s there, because it is usually buried so deep under our conditioning, programming and acquired knowledge. We have lost our sensitivity due to never having had the chance to live in harmony with Nature, in order to activate our inner knowing.

Most people in today’s fast paced society have become so desensitised to ‘stress’ that they accept it as normal. However, many have had the pain in their lives cross the thresh-hold, or have hit breaking point and been forced to stop. Though they often get lost when seeking an alternative in a world that has become deaf and blind to nature.

There is a high level of cognitive dissonance, where nearly everyone claims to be seeking the fulfilment of their dreams, their ideal or ultimate reality, but do the complete opposite in their lives. Many proclaim to be seeking Heaven on Earth, but proceed to watch mindless TV shows or incredibly violent and gory movies. Many listen to music that is literally maddening. We have gone from being a child that cries when Lassie doesn’t come home, to growing up and cheering when someone gets their head blown off!

If we look to the animal kingdom we can see how cats and dogs innately know what grasses to eat when they are sick. They go along smelling the grass until they find the right one then they eat it. Many people watch the incredible animal documentaries and marvel at the amazing abilities creatures have, due to the sensitivity of their perceptions. They are disturbed by man’s involvement in the extinction of species, and protest over threats to their habitats.

However, very few recognise the true sensitivities of our own human nature. Most of us fail to realise how the discrepancies in our lives are impacting on our health, wellbeing, and environment. Our potential is beyond everything we have been taught and told. Imagine if we were all living Heaven on Earth and there were only two sick people. What are we all going to do? Ignore them? Of course not! We would be sensitive to their needs and do everything possible to enable them to share the same state and reality we were enjoying.

In today’s world we have become so desensitised that we easily step over beggars in the streets, walk past the homeless; and even support the annihilation of another country to ensure our own oil supply. Living such a compromised, contradictory and ignorant life will always result in dis-ease. We cannot pretend we don’t feel the pain in others. Millions of people around the world medicate themselves to numb this pain, or take drugs to escape the torment of their souls. They smoke cigarettes to put up a smoke screen, so they don’t see their own lack of fulfilment, and to temporarily satisfy their urge to do something ‘pleasurable’.

Generally speaking, there are 6 Levels of Sensitivity. They are listed below from the lowest to highest with a brief example:

1. INSENSITIVE - a person taking a life or killing creatures
2. HYPERSENSITIVE - a person having an anaphylactic reaction to a food ingredient
3. DESENSITISED - a painter unable to smell the toxic fumes of paint
4. HYPOSENSITIVE - a person used to rushing all day in their job
5. SENSITIVE - a person crying while watching a movie
6. SUPERSENSITIVE - being beyond duality, therefore the influence of the external

Unfortunately, The New Age agenda has caused a great number of people to believe they are special because they are so ‘sensitive’. However, when you realise the nature of our true supersensitive state, it presents a whole new paradigm. The supersensitive state means we are able to sense and feel EVERYTHING - but we are not influenced by anything outside of ourselves. We are free of all the reactivity that comes with the lower levels.

There is a wonderful saying that is central to the martial arts philosophy, “You are only influenced by the world in proportion to your desire to influence the world.” We are not here to change, influence, control or manipulate anything. We are here to simply be and share all that we are, and celebrate all that is. This saying supports our need to mind our own business and take things as they come to us.

The key to increasing our sensitivity is to return to a pure and simple natural life. The more truly sensitive we are, the more we can genuinely Love ourselves and each other. Our energies will expand so that we can have more fun together - and experience the true bliss offered to each and every one of us.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.