I am currently developing some of the content for my up and coming eBook, which follows on from my first book - THE CONSCIOUS BEING: A Practical Guide to The Nature of Life. I thought I would give you a glimpse of some of the juicy topics that I will be covering in the book.

I will be sharing all the factors that determine our ability to consciously heal and live true to our purpose. One of the foundational topics I cover is THE THREE PHASES OF EVOLUTION - Change, Growth and Transformation. These are the distinct phases each individual goes through as they evolve from The Dualistic State to The Conscious State. They describe the rectifications required to reach the ultimate experience. I define each of these phases below:

1. CHANGE - All change takes place within duality. The different experiences are motivated by either suffering or inspiration.

2. GROWTH - Growth is the outcome of an ongoing change that is fueled by a positive synergy within the required aspects and facets of life - on an individual or collective level. Growth leads to a shift from False Awareness to True Awareness.

3. TRANSFORMATION - Transformation is a new kind of action and expression due to the change in form, appearance, state or character that comes with a conscious shift into our true Divine Nature.

The definition of Change is: to make the form, content, future course, etc. of something different from what it is, or from what it would be if left alone. True Change is a Transition from the Negative or False Positive to the True Positive. This change can be motivated through suffering the consequences of negative influences, or the inspiration from positive influences.

The definition of Growth is: development from a simpler or related form to a more complex form or stage. The conscious application of synergy is the key to Growth, which leads to an Awakening to the Laws, Dynamics and Processes within Life. Applying synergy involves the appropriate forms of stimulation and nourishment relative to each stage of development and phase of healing. The synergy must be applied in the manner required for each individual, which enables a shift towards the natural state of wholeness and completeness, and an increase in their potential.

Growth creates a state of Grace where you experience synchronicity and serendipity unfolding in your life. However, it is essential to realise that true growth will ALWAYS take you beyond the current frames of reference you have for reality! In other words, growth will put you on the leading edge of consciousness expanding into the unknown. There is an overall increase in The Level of Sensitivity (see earlier blog).

This phase can be unsettling when the shift is sudden or there is a lack in the required support or resources. I call it ‘Perfect Suffering’, as it forces people into a state of absolute humility and compassion. The discomfort lasts until they are able to remain anchored in the new Truth that is revealed to them. They can then experience and express a higher level of knowledge and level of dedication.

We can break down the word Transformation to extract its true meaning:

- Trans-form-ation: ‘trans’ = new; ‘form’ = kind; ‘ation’ = action/expression

Therefore it means a new kind of action and expression. It is also the change in form, appearance, state or character that comes with a conscious shift into The Divine Nature - with little or no resemblance with the past configuration or structure. It typically results in a drastic reorientation, leading to a totally new direction, along with an entirely different level of perception. Therefore, all transformations reflect an expansion within conscious awareness. This reflects in a radical change in approach, which leads to a complete upsurge in the level of productivity and efficiency.

Transformation is the outcome of conscious evolution and the Transcendence of individuality, providing access to Purpose. The phase of transformation brings you fully into each moment - to BE HERE NOW. There is no residue of the past bleeding into the present, and the present doesn’t overflow into the future. You remain on the leading edge of conscious, but this time you are expanding into the unknowable. Therefore, nothing you already know and understand is relevant to where you are going.

Many types of Transformation exist in nature and the world around us - political regime changes, chemical reactions, changes of seasons and mathematical equations to name a few. However, the best example is the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. This is often used as a metaphor for personal transformation, indicating that you live your life and work hard to survive, then undergo a process that you have no control over or any understanding of what is on the other side.

Very few people ever experience true change, let alone grown or transformed, therefore you cannot expect those around you to understand what you are going through. You will more than likely experience periods of enormous alienation and isolation. All you can do is remain instrumental in The Conscious State and respond to whatever unfolds in each moment.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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