THE TWO PARADIGMS: Experiences within consciousness or of consciousness


Despite common beliefs, it is possible for us to be consciously aware of all the different elements in our lives that make us think and feel the way we do. Essentially, there are two distinct ways in which we experience life. Our core perceptions of reality determine whether we have an experience of consciousness, or an experience within consciousness! The difference between the two realities is black and white.

We can explore the two paradigms objectively without making one better than the other. I am simply defining the two experiences relative to what each individual wants and needs, relative to what they know. The main difference between the two experiences is perspective. To have an experience of consciousness, you must have a top-down perspective. Therefore, an experience within consciousness means you have a bottom-up perspective of reality.

In order for you to have a top-down experience of consciousness, you must be aligned and connected to all the laws, dynamics and processes at work within nature and the universe. The more you are out of harmony with nature, the more you will be limited to the bottom-up experiences within consciousness.

One of the main characteristics of the bottom-up reality is that people are not altogether open to the suggestion that we are all equal. They cannot and will not accept that those having a different perception of reality are worthy of respect, and consider them to be lacking in some form of intelligence. They may have been programmed to believe they possess a superior intellect and higher morals.

A Conscious Being is beyond identifying with anything within duality. Their primary intention is to seek true Peace and Love, based on a core belief that we are all equal and one in spirit. They are innately aware of the true relationship between all things and the unity within the whole of creation. Their main purpose is to deepen their inner connection with their Creator, and share the joy of that experience with as many people as possible.

People having experiences within consciousness rarely stop and think about the nature of life. They perhaps never contemplate the forces that create and sustain their body, or question the origins of their thoughts, or ponder the meaning of life itself. They are happy just going through the motions in a competitive world and living the daily grind. Whereas a conscious being feels incomplete and restless without having a true sense of connection and purpose. They find the grind extremely boring and the mindless pressures to survive an excruciating waste of time and energy. This makes them tend to drop out of society and seek alternative lifestyles.

Those having bottom-up experiences can have an absolutely wonderful time, where everything is good, clean, safe, friendly, secure, exciting etc. But to a person with a top-down perspective, having everything means nothing if it lacks a divine connection. Despite all the comfort and convenience of modern and successful life, if there is no real connection with anything or anyone, then the whole experience will be empty and unfulfilling. This reality is prevalent among the rich and famous, where despite living the high life in the limelight, they are desperately lonely and unfulfilled.

People with a bottom-up reality tend to focus on improving their current situation in the world - career, living environment, bank account etc. They may even actively protest injustices and fight for our rights and freedom. They may want or keep things fair for everyone or not really care either way. Either way, they are often locked into biased beliefs with rigid views, and driven by busy schedules with tight budgets.

This conditioned mentality is the result of a corrupt and structured system, which deliberately produces a stratified society and a prejudiced culture. This is reinforced to the masses by narrow religious texts and crooked media, which feed and perpetuate fundamental views and intolerant opinions. This often leaves these people with no opportunity to know any different, so it pours over into the next generation.

Alternatively, someone having a top-down experience searches tirelessly for something that is out of the ordinary, and seemingly intangible to the mainstream reality. But they are not the least bit perturbed by their alienation. They are open-minded but have no time whatsoever for small talk, gossip or media. They need to find people and places that support them in their relationship nature, so they can honour it in its full diversity. They yearn for true and permanent freedom, because their need to have a true experience of consciousness is the most essential experience within their paradigm.

Knowing how to attain and maintain an experience of consciousness will give the opportunity to truly connect with your authentic self. This will enable you to establish relationships based on a genuine love and a deep appreciation for each other’s uniqueness. You will be able to unconditionally accept and support others, wherever they are at on their journey and in life.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.