REACTION OR RESPONSE: It is one or the other

When you look at the state the word today, it is obvious that we have lost sight of how to live together in harmony. So we need to be aware of what is missing that causes and perpetuates the separation and division within humanity.

 What forms the very foundation of our everyday lives is essentially information. The gathering of information extends back to our ancient ancestors, and that collective wisdom forms the basis of most cultures. We must have access to all the necessary information before we can guarantee our effectiveness in addressing problems. If the required information has been misconstrued or manipulated before its dissemination, or withheld altogether - the result will inevitably be mass ignorance and confusion! Does this sound familiar?

 The core problem exacerbating the lack of information is that we inadvertently overlook or misinterpret the information we already possess. We fail to see critical points and details to develop a true understanding of a situation. This lack of acuity further diminishes our ability to build on existing information. Perceptual oversight prevents us from finding answers to our challenges, or potentials.

 We need to establish a Universal means of discovering any oversights and shortcomings. We must also be able to determine the impact these discrepancies have on our lives. It becomes essential that we start by examining our approach to life and habits in daily tasks. In every moment of our lives, we need to be able to meet the demands of the world. In so doing, we are either:

  •  habitually reacting - according to our conditioning, programming, acquired knowledge, and compensations, relative to who we think we are and what we perceive is happening
  •  consciously and deliberately responding - according to who we truly are and appropriate to the true nature of what is happening

Our response in each moment of Life is either appropriate or inappropriate. Most of what we do on a daily basis is habitual reaction. The trouble is that our ways of dealing with problems become habitual as well. Even when we genuinely seek answers to the challenges we face - be it to find a solution to an issue or a way to maintain balance - we often cannot break out of our negative habits long enough to find the positive alternatives. For example: not being able to slow down and chew our food properly.

 You need to be aware of how and where you may be missing the point. Whenever we all inadvertently miss the same points, we collectively feed the very problems we are trying to stop. So before we can remedy any situation, we need to make sure that we all have the same approach and fully removed the danger of someone missing something.

 Having the same approach will also remove any chance of conflict and confusion within or between us. If we don’t have the same approach or understanding, we will continually have to backtrack to pick up the last person. This means we can only move forward relative to the last person’s awareness. However, when the majority is unaware, we end up living as the world is today - destructively.

 People only seem to seek a higher understanding when they become lost and confused while trying to deal with the issues they are facing. The problem is that their intentions are only focused on getting rid of their problems, so they can keep doing what they are doing. They seek out people who can give them the information required to fix the problem, instead of finding the sources of inspiration to instil the overall answer. Therefore, whatever information they acquire or whatever they do will not be effective in healing or creating Peace. This is because Peace is only possible by consciously returning to and remaining in our Natural state.

 Most of the information communicated today is in an effort to help others or ourselves progress in the world - or to secure or assert our place in the world. It is mostly shared with good intentions, however, I have a saying,

 “We are NOT here to ‘help’ each other find solutions to our problems;
we are here to serve each other in living the innate Truth.”

My eBook THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world. focuses on establishing a simple perspective and approach that is Universal, regardless of race, culture and religion. If you would like to know more, click on the link below and purchase your copy now.

 Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.