When it is time to say ENOUGH! Calling out the New Age Philosophical BS


Are you tired of the endless drama and sensationalism in the media? Are you sick of hearing about all the conflict, violence, corruption, political correctness, propaganda and lies? Are you bored with superficial celebrities, self-promotion, fake personalities, pretentious attitudes and  behaviours? Do you feel burnt out from years of having worked and having got nowhere? Are you exhausted by all the insanity?

Just to be sure that I am not projecting my reality onto yours - tell me, how's everything going in your life?

Have you had enough yet?

Despite humanity’s apparent best effort, and after all the generations gone before us, probably 95+% of people that I have met have answered with a strong affirmative. This suggests something is seriously wrong in our approach to practically everything in our lives! This may not exactly be your reality, but it is precisely what people have told me, and continue to tell me!

The majority of people I talk to are so over dealing with humanity and are desperately looking for a way out. Most people are seeking the means to isolate themselves from others as much as possible. However, only very few fortunate people have the resources to maintain a reasonable standard of living and isolate themselves from the insanity.

I have been saying for years that people are desperate, but now, people are starting to panic. As a result, most people are willing to compromise, contradict and deny themselves - and others - in an effort to ease their situation. They will do whatever they deem is necessary in their pursuit of happiness. I have seen people literally get to the point of collapsing! This is all part of what is accepted and expected in their efforts to catch the dreams they are chasing.

They are often stuck in a false reality, going flat out like a hamster wheel. They are desperately trying to ‘become….’. Instead, they just want to sit, and BE - in silence. But their wheel of life may have too much momentum to just suddenly stop. If they do, it will spit them out and dump them on their head. Where is the Peace in this state? How is this attitude and behaviour an intelligent solution to anything? When the Truth is all or nothing, I suggest such approaches have nothing of any true substance.

Everywhere we go today, we are bombarded by people sprouting opinions and views. We are exposed to endless debates over protecting our rights and freedoms. We are subjected to countless talking heads, ranting over some injustice or tragedy.  commentator stirring controversy. But why is there even a need for us to be told what to think? Why do we require being taught how to feel? Why do we have to have mentors and gurus?

These days, it seems everyone has an opinion on everything. People are putting in their two bobs worth, without any clear understanding of The Nature of Life. However, I  suggest we don’t need to have an opinion on anything other than what directly involves us. Until we all pull our heads in and mind our own business, the insanity won’t stop. However, the biggest obstacles to our progress in this area are the many religious people who seek to impose their reality on the entire world, and the powerful elite who seek to enslave humanity.

Australia, like many places, is currently facing a job apocalypse, as more and more jobs go overseas. People are being forced to change jobs and careers, so many try to set themselves up in a role that ‘helps’ or ‘heals’ people. This is all very good and noble, but this new generation of practitioners, shamans and coaches lack a wholistic model on which to base their understandings. Instead, they train or study under ‘experts’ who hype them up with what I affectionately call, New Age Philosophical BS.

Here in lies the problem. This new generation of experts are who many people turn to when they get to the point of having had enough. I've even treated and tested a large number of these 'helpers' and 'healers', and they are often in a worse state than those they are trying to help. It really is a case of the blind leading the blind. But things get even worse when they work themselves up the hierarchical ladder and become trainers and educators. It is often a case of the Peter’s Principle, where the people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "level of incompetence". This is when things begin to spiral out of control, and the knock on effect echoes through the morphic resonance of the planet.

I recently had a client who was completely overwhelmed after having attended a ‘healing workshop’. It happened to be ran by the most pretentious person I have ever met. I said to my colleagues when I first connected with this person that they would perform extremely poorly in one of my neurological tests. When I got to do the actual test, they were worse than I had expected and showed the least amount of integration out of everyone I have ever tested. This is now the calibre of the people running events, which are supposedly ‘helping’ and ‘healing’ people.

The other end of the scale is equally weighted. It is the mindset being promoted by what I call the ‘millionaire mentors’. These experts’ events are often designed to teach people how to find and live their potential in whatever field they are seeking to work. Some can literally do a weekend workshop and come out believing they know the same, if not more, than someone who has been working in the field for decades.

There is a trending belief that you need to be one of these likeable, charismatic millionaire mentors before anyone takes you seriously. I recently saw a video of a world-renowned entrepreneur who came across as a really, really nice arsehole. He was only worried about the bottom line and keeping his grand mission on track. It presented everything I despise about the field of personal development, and business and life coaching. This video along with a couple of other conversations I had last week are what made me decide to write this article.

Nobody seems to ever question the possibility that the experts may be leading people down the wrong path altogether? Well, I'm calling timeout on all this hysteria. I often say in jest, “I am not here to rock the boat. I am here to tip the boat over and have the splash wake everyone up.” It is time for me to call out those who are filling people’s head with crap. They are inflating people’s egos to the point where it is now wreaking havoc on humanity. It is time to say enough, and start tipping.

These mentoring events are often only a disguise for ripping people off in a socially acceptable way. Many of the mentors NLP the crap out of people to get them to pay lots of money to attend their programs. They are happy to profiteer off people's delusions and keep feeding the illusions they are caught up in. They more or less encourage others to go off and replicate what they have done - charge heaps of money and fluff out their events to look like they are giving more. This just perpetuates the whole “What’s in it for me?” mentality. This reinforcement of individual pursuits for personal gain is having an enormously destructive effect. Instead, we need to working intelligently and collectively towards what will benefit humanity as a whole.

These seminars and workshops don't offer people any real answers. I know this because I have spoken to thousands of people who have attended them, and I've attended some myself. The fact is, not one person I ever asked was at Peace. Not one! In fact, they are often even more stressed having spent lots of time and money trying to gain an advantage. They are left trying to live up to all their expectations, and often consumed by an overwhelming drive towards getting the next big dopamine hit.

Many people become hell-bent on 'helping' humanity or saving the planet. But their excitement and sense of urgency causes them to miss the most important point. They need to be integrated within themselves first, then they will be able to effectively serve others. There is often a complete lack of genuine humility, which prevents them from experiencing our true Taoist or Zen state of being. They are unable to realise or honour the need to “First BE, then DO, then, if necessary, only when asked, TELL." The New Age culture does the reverse, where everyone is telling everyone else what to do without ever doing it or being it themselves first. But, it all depends on your measure of success, but Being at Peace is the only worthy goal.

Again, it is all very good and noble to want to create change, but essentially, we are not here to help each other with our problems, we are here to serve each other in living the Truth. What is being presented is definitely not the truth. I have spoken to thousands of people who have been brainwashed into thinking they have some great mission in life, but they are mostly just in it for themselves. They have ended up even further away from discovering their true soul path.

The level of importance a mentor or practitioner prescribes their role or mission often accounts for the high fees for their services. Those who attend these business coaching events and wealth creation seminars often attempt to justify this belief by parroting all the standard clichés like, “You have to charge more so people value what you are sharing” and “People don’t value things when they are cheap”. Yes, unfortunately, this may be true in this society, but I am not buying into this insane belief - because it is turning people into nothing more than selfish animals.

I have seen this greed disguised in so many ways. There are specialised practitioners and therapists happy to see a client for 15 or more sessions. They are not working wholistically, so their client is still smoking and ends up with cancer - simply because they didn't get referred to a hypnotist after the third treatment!

There is nothing commendable about what these people are doing. All they are doing is perpetuating the existing paradigm. Look around. Is any of this crap actually creating any true change? NO! Despite everyone’s 'good intentions', none of it is working! It is only prolonging the inevitable collapse. We need to individually and collectively take a BIG step back, and find a new way that doesn't keep propping up the whole God-forsaken mess.

Everything we do in an effort to help or serve is focused one of The 3 Aims in life - the problem, a solution or the answer. I have a saying, “There are no solutions to all our problems, the only answer is to do the opposite to what we are doing.” The only answer is for everyone to go back to living in harmony with Nature. True change will only come when the trouble-shooters, problem solvers are working together with the answer in mind and heart. There literally is no other way.

Another thing I say is, “If you really want to understand where I am coming from, look at what the world is doing and do the complete opposite.” We all need to just stop, turn around and go back in the opposite direction we are going. I have only seen a few people who are on the right path. The best example is Jon Jandai from Pun Pun in Thailand. He embodies the truth of what we all really need (Here is his brilliant TED Talk). Until the dominant force in our lives enables us to go back to Nature, you can never expect anything to truly get better.

The material I share is aimed at getting everyone on the same page so they can be effective in implementing the answer.However, many people grasp at what I share in an effort to gain an advantage in the world. They soon realise it doesn’t offer them that, because the only benefit it gives is they are able to honour the Truth within all things. This naturally threatens their identity and agenda, so they slip away and go back to pursuing the techniques that promise the results they desire. We can abandon the whole bandwagon of self-promotion all together, and solely collaborate with those pure in heart.

And this is where I have to speak up. Not because I want to, but it seems no one else is prepared to call out the whole situation. When you put together everything I have seen and heard over 35 years in a role where people share their stories with you all day, every day, all around the world, it is not a judgment to call it out and say, “ENOUGH!”

Most of what is happening in the world is worse than dismal. Again, not my opinion, only the feedback I have got from those I share with. This is the case despite all the so-called love and support in all its forms. It simply is not working. None of it! The only people doing well are the elite at the top of the period. The rest of us are fighting to survive or competing for the crumbs. The crumbs are in the form of all the financial and material carrots being chased by the event goers and do-gooders.

People either love me or hate me, which is fine. I don’t care at all what others think of me. The Zen saying, “Your opinion of me is none of my business” sums up how I feel. I am not trying to likeable. I only need to do whatever it takes to get enough of the right people to wake up and collaborate on living the answer. Some even foolishly mistake my devotion for stubbornness and my frankness for arrogance, but we can just smile and wave at the faultfinders and haters.

Despite what some deluded souls may think, I am not the slightest bit interested in being a public figure, a teacher, a mentor, a healer or any other label. I am simply doing whatever I have to do to honour of my need and right to live a pure, simple, natural life - with whoever wants to do the same. The sooner everyone minds their own business, the sooner we can get on with living that life together. I have already sacrificed everything, and will continue to do so until we get turn this mess around.

One of the biggest problems is that nobody is prepared to rally together. If you call a spade a spade, you are accused of being too negative, or even told you are creating that in your reality. Being a realist in a world full of pessimists and optimists means you will upset many people. I don't care if I upset people when it remains true that we could have a million Mother Teresa’s and the problem still wouldn't go away. If you look at all the time and energy being wasted by all these activists, environmentalists, NGOs, welfares, funds, projects, charities, etc. - and yes, I am saying wasted because nothing is getting better. The reality is the hideous statistics pertaining to every life-sustaining factor of the planet being in the red and getting worse.

There is a relentless daily onslaught of do-gooders promoting their activities. However, I have another perspective and approach to the issues we face. If all these people put down their egos and arms, and pooled all their energies and resources, they would root out the common cause of all their problems - probably within a fortnight! They truly would. It makes you question the motives of all these hierarchical organisations. There is obviously some kind off payoff for the whole mess to be continuing in the 21st Century. It is now at the point of being a complete insult to our Intelligence!

I've had people get offended and walk out of my events simply because I was presenting an alternative perspective to their indoctrinated beliefs. One of the many contentious topics I talk about is sexuality. It is almost impossible to have an open conversation about the actual causes behind the ever-increasing gender confusion and sexual perversion. People have viciously slandered me online for daring to suggest that the problems are the result of chemical exposures, bugs in the gut, bioelectrical switching etc. Daring to point out the fact that it is all been done deliberately as part of a global elite's agenda is enough for some people to go completely mad.

They mistake intelligent conversation about the scientific factors causing mental states and physical conditions as an attack on their character and rights to make personal choices. It seems we can no longer have a discussion without having already firmly established an opinion about what you are talking about.

You can probably guess how many reactionaries have responded when I shared the supporting evidence. Zero! Not one has ever replied to my challenge to prove me wrong. This is nothing personal towards the individuals. They simply don’t know that they don’t know. The main problem is, no one is consciously aware of the answer - because people have no reference points or living examples to follow. Another reason is people have no exact definitions within their language as I present in my book - THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world.

Seeing people like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson deal with stupidity and arrogance on a daily basis has made me keep a very low profile. That is until now. The real reason behind this article is I am going to practice what I preach and make some drastic changes to everything I am doing. This is based on the many recent discoveries I have had in my research, as well as it becoming increasingly obvious that what everyone else is offering simply isn’t working. I will reveal what changes I am making over the following days, so watch this space.

Love and Light
Brian Gerard Schaefer

If you are interested in a totally new perspective and approach to life,  I suggest you read THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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