Today, for something a bit different, I thought I would share a poem I wrote based on a vision I had.


Two beings appeared before me
The first a pitiful slave
Chained at the neck to his master
“Who are you?” I demanded
“I'm Grief” it whimpered with its head pathetically bowed
“Why are you here?” I inquired
“To teach you honour” it stated firmly
“Then who is your master?”
It cowered aside and my eyes turned up to the being holding the chain wrapped in his fist
He was a mighty centurion like form
His pristine armour glistened
He stood proud with an almost angelic presence
“Who are you?” I commanded
“I am Trauma” he asserted
“Why are you here?” I probed
“To teach you a lesson” he retorted
“Then what is your lesson?” I countered
“Forgiveness!” he smugly replied
My eyes searched the darkness
“Who stands beyond you?” I asked
“No one!” he stated with an intimidating stance
An uneasiness came over me
I stepped back to gather my thoughts,
“There is always more to these situations than what appears.”
I contemplated “There must be another way.”
I looked around to my left to see a warrior God mounted on a majestic horse
His essence radiated as a blinding light with infinite power
Beyond this Divine Being lay an army of angels
I drew my sword and clenched it to my middle
Its gleaming point raised towards the Heavens
“Is there another way other than your weary lessons?” I asked
“NO!” he growled
With lightning force, I struck him at the knees
As he folded, I sliced his head from his shoulders
The body plodded to the ground
I stood over his spirit, with the tip of my sword pressed into his heart
He lay there moaning as he died
“Do you have any last words before I run my sword through your pitiful heart?” I requested
 adding “And you can take all your emotions with you when you go to you cowardly beast”
He turned his pitiful eyes glazed full of tears up to meet my glare
He gasped “Please forgive me?
I only did what I thought was best for you and everyone”
I lowered my sword and stepped back
“Of course I forgive you” I said with a warm smile
I stepped back and I signalled the warrior God
He threw his spear of gold high into the Heavens igniting sparks of lightning and thunder
It arched down and pierced the beast’s heart with an earth-shattering force
The army of angels were unleashed and swarmed the battlefield
Killing all the soldiers of darkness and freeing their slaves
Grief lay grovelling in the dirt at my feet
“Have you lost all true sense of yourself?” I queried
“This is all I've ever known my lord” it feebly declared
I raised my sword high above my head and said “Then today you will be forever free, to be all that you are!”
With all my might I drove my sword down through its heart
The metal rang as it pierced the stony ground beneath the withered body
The eternal light within its creative heart exploded forth filling the atmosphere with its rays
The sky peeled back revealing the heavenly realms
As the darkness gave way to the Light my gaze extended across the battlefield
I witnessed a million, million Souls be liberated by the angel's swift swords
The ground trembled and the skies thundered with each death
The atmosphere eventually cleared and all forms were transfused with Light
Each liberated heart transformed into a seed and took root in the blood-soaked soil
I looked to the heavens and closed my eyes
With a deep breath I smiled and let out a deep sigh
My battle was over
The war had been won
I wandered a few steps towards an expansive field
The horizon beckoned me with the unknown
I turned back to take one last glance at Trauma
Only tarnished armour remained
Empty like a discarded shell
My eyes scoured the metal contours remembering the false heroic status it once stood for
Its reign was over
Its torment now gone
Those it enslaved released
There was no trace of Grief, only my mighty sword
My attention was drawn back to my surroundings by the hum of rich music
Choirs sang hauntingly beautiful sounds echoing from every corner of the worlds
They rejoiced in the new dawn and celebrated the birth of a new era
I left behind my now usleless sword wedged upright in the Earth
A testimony of courage and in honour of the ultimate victory
I realised my role was going to change and that the play was finally over
And that all stories end when the author awakens, and puts down his pen

Brian Gerard Schaefer

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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