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A few days ago on social media, someone posted a video of a guy sharing his thoughts and feelings about being vegan. The vicious comments that ensued from a carnivore were nothing short of an absolute disgrace. It seems humanity is no longer permitted to openly and humbly communicate without being accused of forcing our opinions onto others or lecturing to those with opposing views.

The decline in our manner of communication and ability to honour freedom of speech is unprecedented. Most people are caught up in a perpetual reality show, forgetting the fact that the whole drama is not real. The explosive comments on social media is indicative of a world gone completely mad. Whatever happened to “Live and let Live”?

A very common and disturbing reaction to someone’s expression is twisting what they say into a declaration of superiority. There have been many times I have had to clarify what I have shared due to someone reacting. It has been necessary to explain that I am simply sharing what and how I think and feel about a topic. By doing so, I am not in any way suggesting that what others are thinking, doing or saying is wrong, or that I am exclusively right. I am simply sharing what true for me at this point in time.

Ultimately, all forms of conflict and confusion within humanity means that there is ignorance and/or arrogance on one or more sides. Most people are not open to seeing other people’s point of view or understanding other's feelings. You have to realise that most of the aggression and hostility people display is a direct result of the energies and properties of what they consume. Their food, water, air and sensory input is so denatured and toxic that it would be seen as insane even a hundred years ago. On top of that, we have so many races with diverse cultural beliefs mashing together in society, that it is almost impossible for most people to be open to others with a different hierarchy of values.

The answer for those who do get upset by other people’s opinions is easy - avoid exposing yourself to them by not clicking on the post, article or video. Likewise, the answer for someone who has been abused by an aggressor is equally simple. And yes, people’s insane reactions and malicious comments can be very disheartening, but there is an empowering way to deal with such situations. Just ignore it!

There is a saying in India, “First BE, then DO, then, if necessary, TELL.” By “if necessary”, it means ONLY if asked. But it seems the whole world is doing the complete opposite to this - everyone is telling others what to do, without ever doing it them self, so no one ever gets the chance to just BE.

Unless it is part of your duty, you are better off just remaining silent. It is pointless trying to communicate with those who are not interested in another point of view, or capable of understanding feelings that are contrary to their own. It is better to just live by example and wait to be asked. However, regardless of who you are communicating with, it is always important to be aware of The 12 Intentions Behind Asking A Question (click to read my earlier blog).

Life is very, very simple. It is in fact all black or white. Either the people around you support you in living the Truth within your Heart and Mind, or they don’t. If they don’t then move on. It is not worth spending time and energy getting upset over people’s appalling attitude and behaviour. I share in jest the final line from the cartoon Madagascar, “Just smile and wave boys!”

Having said that, if and when I do find it necessary to share my thoughts and feelings, I will instantly cut ties within anyone who dismisses or ridicules me. I simply don’t want to waste a single breath on anyone who doesn’t cannot honour other’s thoughts and feelings. I have a saying, which is residual of my martial arts background, “I have my sword drawn and I am ready to use the bloody thing!” I am only interested in communicating with genuinely open and honest people. I only want to be with those who sincerely seek the best for every living being.

Personally, I am happy just minding my own business. I don’t need to have an opinion about anyone else’s life. I don’t need to have everyone know and understand me. I am not looking to make anyone else feel less than whole and complete. I don’t care whether if someone is doing the right thing or not. I am not interested in anyone’s private life. I can’t be bothered knowing people's sexual orientation. I couldn’t care less about anyone’s political views. I don’t want to try to impress anyone with what I know or do, or have done. I don’t have the mental space to worry about other people’s ignorance and arrogance. Likewise, it is none of anyone else’s business how you live!

Don’t worry about anyone else’s opinion. If anyone gets upset with you, just say, “Your opinion of me is none of my business”. You don’t need to win friends and influence people. Just spend your time and energy being the best person you can possibly be. What is important is how you communicate with people who are on the same wavelength as you. The only thing that matters is that you live and share the highest Truth that you are aware of. Everything else is none of your business.

In my events, I physically demonstrate how we lose our energy to resisting any external force. By simply ignoring the resistance, you contain all your energies and can then direct them towards what is true for you. It is important to realise that whenever you take your focus of what you are doing, you lose integration and waste all your time and energy. Furthermore, when you know how to stay truly connected within yourself, and remain present, you are capable of doing truly extraordinary things.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)


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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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