RECIPROCITY: The true power of giving and sharing

This blog covers a very interesting and powerful topic - our innate ability to give and share. I will show you the potential for change within any community that consciously and actively practices reciprocity. You will see just how quickly true change and growth can occur. Keep in mind that the closer to the Truth something is, the more instant it becomes.

I define the four levels of  exchange as: GIVE, RECEIVE, SHARE and RECIPROCATE. The following example using 6 people highlights the difference between these four levels. The best way to understand the power of this concept is to look at the mathematics of each exchange.

If we start with one person lacking something, the other 5 give the person what they need to be equal to them. This is what it really means to give and receive. Once they are equal, they can then begin to share what each of them has that is unique.

Each of the six people now has 5 items in common to share, plus 1 unique item. When we do the maths of this level, each person can make a total of 30 combinations between their 6 items (e.g. if we have items that are interchangeable like a:b, b:a, a:c, c:a etc.) - 20 of these they have in common with each of the others. Therefore each individual has the possibility to make ten items the others don’t have. There is a total of 180 combinations between the 6 people.

The next stage is each person reciprocates by sharing their unique item with the other 5. After the first round of reciprocating, they each have access to 5 new items - making a total of 11 each. The number of combinations now possible for each of them to create is 110, with a total of 660 between the 6 of them.

If we now introduce a second unique item that each one of them has, the total number of combinations between them after the second round of reciprocating is a massive 1440.

This shows you just how quickly things can change when only 6 people reciprocate. Consider the outcome when we all participate on an international scale. This is the key to healing ourselves and the world! One spiritual master I spent time with told me emphatically that no true change or growth is possible within humanity unless there is reciprocity. Therefore, until we see this being acted on consciously and deliberately, there will not be any real shift within our shared experience on Earth.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.