As a wholistic natural health practitioner, I see the extremes of people’s mental states and physical conditions on a daily basis. Many people find it very confusing how and why some people respond well to different therapies, while others don't respond to any kind of treatment. This article comes from recently dealing with such a case, and the significant fallout from apparently failing to help someone at death’s door.

Firstly, let’s define healing and growth. Everything to do with healing is we are simply returning to our natural state of balance, where we are whole and complete. Once we are in our natural state, we need to be able to consciously attain growth. Through developing our unique gifts, talents and skills, we can find and fulfil our true potential. Once we can consciously maintain our growth, we can find and fulfil our true purpose. Our purpose is to use our gifts, talents and skills in serving individuals or collectives on their journey of healing and growth.

Overall, there is an enormous amount of confusion around health and healing. The many fields of health, fitness, spirituality and science that are meant to facilitate healing and growth are plagued with conflict, and corruption. In an effort to shed light on the many of the contentious topics, I wrote THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world. It is a comprehensive textbook presenting a unique wholistic perspective and approach to life. In the book, explain how we can condense everything needed to attain and maintain our Natural State into The 18 Requirements for Healing and Growth.

This chapter highlights the fact that regardless of what treatments a person is receiving, the dominant force in their life will always win. Mathematically, you need to have 13 of the 18 Requirements in order to be able to maintain growth, which is our natural state. Anything less than this means a person's healing and growth will be compromised. The other key factor to understand regarding the dominant force is that is doesn't have to be volume, but intensity also plays a role. I have a saying, "It only takes a small pin to pop a big balloon”.  This means that a person can have 17 of the 18 and get exposed to one thing and it can cause a total collapse of their system.


Each Requirement is a source of nurturing and nourishment, and is presented in relation to The Essence of Love, Light and Life that is predominantly expressed within them. Each individual’s healing and growth may depend on any one or more of these Requirements. Without receiving the essential nurturing and nourishment in the correct order and at the appropriate stage of healing and growth, it is not possible to return to our natural state and then fulfil our potential and purpose.

The confusion plaguing both clients and practitioners is due to a complete lack of information on how to determine what modality will be the most effective. This is especially difficult when very few people understand the different stages and levels of healing, which need to be addressed according to each individual’s situation.

Another issue in the field of health and healing is the enormous amount of rivalry and competition between practitioners and scientists in the different modalities and fields. There is often a nauseating level of pride and prejudice in practitioners and scientists, particularly those specialising in certain techniques or treating particular states and conditions. The majority of the ignorance and arrogance can be eliminated by understanding that there are 18 Laws of Health, 18 Laws of Fitness, 18 Laws of Wellbeing and 18 Laws of Healing - the most important one being, “Everything is appropriate when it is appropriate.”

In The Nature of Life, I also present the opposing influences to The 18 Requirements for Healing and Growth, which are The 18 Origins of Dis-ease and Suffering. Every individual has strengths and weaknesses. If we are unable to build on our strengths, or a weakness within us is triggered, the result is dis-ease and suffering. The onset may be sudden or it may develop over a long period of time, or be from a very subtle or gross imbalance. Understanding all of this will empower you to fulfil your true potential and purpose, and assist you in serving others to do the same.

Love and Light
Brian Gerard Schaefer :)


If you would like a new wholistic perspective and approach to life, or work in the alternative and natural health industry and are seeking the big picture, I suggest you read THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world and learn how to maximise your growth or effectiveness in serving others. Click on the link below to purchase your copy now.

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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