EMBRACING THE WHOLE: Introducing a New Model for Wholistic Healing and Natural Living


In today's world, most people are in search of specialised treatments for specific conditions. All kinds of health practitioners are equally specialising in certain conditions. This often gives them the ability to develop a reputation and secure a decent livelihood. However, this approach to health and healing is often at the expense of seeing the whole picture.

In 1998, I returned from overseas and endeavoured to study naturopathy. The course beyond dismal, so I began practicing the modalities I already knew. About 80% of my clients were doctors, practitioners, healers etc. I quickly realised how little they understood about other healing modalities. It was apparent that doctors didn’t understand chiropractors; naturopaths didn’t understand kinesiologist; hypnotherapists didn’t understand reiki practitioners etc.

In response to this, I developed a complete model for everything to do with our health, fitness, wellbeing and healing. It allows us to expand infinitely and encompass every single facet of our individual and collective reality. I am going to use today's blog as an opportunity to introduce this model to you.

The following is a condensed version of a chapter of my book, THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world. This chapter divides every single factor that influences our overall mental state and physical condition into The 12 Aspects of Being. Each Aspect encompasses very specific areas of life as we know it. The key purpose of these 12 Aspects is to define what determines our core experience of reality. The table below provides a definition for each Aspect.


The 12 Aspects of Being provide a clear way of communicating all the possible factors that influence our ability to change and grow. They also give us the ability to determine all possible causes of dis-eases. We can then be exact with our diagnoses and treatment. We will be able to determine everything required at each stage and phase of healing, even for the most complex states and conditions.


We can represent The 12 Aspects of Being diagrammatically. The twelve-sided shape below, called a Dodecangle, is used to represent the relationship between all The 12 Aspects of Being. The word dodecangle gets its meaning from the mathematical terms - Deca meaning ten, and Dodeca meaning twelve. This is not a very common word, but it is the correct mathematical one to use.


This dodecangle consists of 132 single arrows connecting all twelve points. These arrows reveal the true inter-connectedness between every aspect of our lives. The centre point of the dodecangle represents the commonality of ALL Laws within ALL things. The symmetry within this diagram indicates a state of perfect balance in and between all Aspects of a person’s Being. The most important role of this diagram is it represents the overall state and condition of any living form.

This dodecangle essentially represents cause and effect. An imbalance within any of the Aspects forms the basis of all dis-eases. The beauty of this model is the way it enables us to see how the slightest excess or deficiency in one Aspect directly creates some degree of imbalance within every other Aspect.

It reflects the microcosm and macrocosm, where it can be superimposed over any living form at any stage of its development - like a cell; tissue; organ; or entire organism. It also represents the state and condition of a collective - a family; any group of people; a city; a nation, the whole of humanity or even Earth itself.


Each Aspect also contains healing modalities, which enable us to restore overall balance to a living form. Here are some examples of how we can use this model.

-  A psychiatrist prescribes antidepressants to a patient. This chemical drug changes the biochemical aspect of the blood, which then affects the neurological function in a specific part of the brain. The result is a change in the mental/ emotional state of the person, which influences every area of the person’s life.

-  The chemical constituents of herbs (dietary) have a biochemical reaction in the blood. This may have an antibiotic effect on a biological infection, which is causing dietary cravings and physical discomfort in the liver region.

-  A chiropractor looks for physical misalignments of the bones, which interfere with the neurological, bioenergetic, bioelectrical and biochemical pathways. This can disrupt the whole body as well as the person’s State of Being. The treatment then used is a physical manipulation of the joint to realign the bones, which restores neurological innervation and the other pathways are able to harmonise.

The 12 Aspects of Being offers us the means of diagnosing and treating any and all dis-eases in a revolutionary new way - wholistically. We can now appreciate how there are potentially 132 causes of every mental state and physical condition. With the appropriate skills, we can use this model to determine our individual priorities, and pinpoint the treatments and therapies required to accelerate our capacity to heal. We can also use this model to determine many of our strengths and weaknesses. This will enable us to focus on exactly what we require to initiate and maintain our growth - both individually and collectively.

This dodecangle encompasses all Laws of Healing, particularly: 

Anything can cause anything, and anything can fix anything.

Having a complete model that defines every possible influence in our reality makes it possible to consciously attain and maintain balance. Balance enables the state of harmony, which then naturally allows growth to take place. Growth is the basis of evolution, which is the true nature of all things within consciousness. Therefore, healing is a natural part of the evolution back to our natural state of wholeness.


The dodecangle can also reflect the real holographic nature of all things. We do this by placing another dodecangle within each of the Aspects, and keep adding them inside themselves indefinitely. This effectively introduces time and space to the model, so it now becomes infinite and eternal like the Mandelbrot Set.


We can now begin to see that the nature of this material is all-encompassing, providing us with the ability to apply this to every area of our lives. Here are a couple of examples:

-  We get a headache from being poisoned by the Chemicals in someone’s perfume within our work Environment, which makes it difficult for us to maintain Mental focus.

-  We may develop a Biological infection giving us Dietary cravings for junk food. This makes us overweight, which then has a big impact on our Social life.

The holographic nature of the dodecangle enables us to pinpoint the exact cause of all dis-ease, by giving us the ability to track the path within the Aspects that caused it. We can also determine whether an Aspect is a primary, secondary or tertiary factor in the symptoms of a dis-ease. Having this knowledge provides us with the ability to determine which states and conditions are an individual’s priorities. This helps us decide the types and order of treatments required.


We can gain an even greater appreciation for the nature of The 12 Aspects of Being when we view the dodecangle 3-dimensionally in its true form - a stellated dodecahedron.


This 3D model comes alive when it spins, and we can use it to represent a living organism. When we keep in mind the holographic nature of this dodecahedron, we can imagine the true multi-dimensional nature of our experience within consciousness. When in balance, every Aspect within each Aspect spins in harmony with all the others to create a resonance


The Dodecangle reminds us of the need to see all factors in every situation, and not miss anything. With each Aspect overlooked, the percentage of missed information we needed to consider goes up enormously. We have the means of determining exactly how wholistic we are by using the table below.


If we consider just six of the twelve Aspects of Being, we are effectively only addressing 22.73% of the total picture. By doubling the input from six to twelve gives 4.4 times the output! Therefore, we need to address at least nine of The 12 Aspects to be more than 50% effective in whatever we do.

Depending on what each living form is exposed to within its environment, it is either in a state of evolution or regression. We will now explore the different stages of these states using this model.


The diagrams below shows the 7 stages of evolution and regression within The 12 Aspects of Being. They show how when the dodecangle represents evolution, it spins in a clockwise direction and expands into a nested tori. When it shows a state of regression, it contracts in an anticlockwise direction and implodes into oblivion.


Together, these diagrams encompass every possible state and condition within any living form.


With this new model, we can now clearly define what every modality and therapy has to offers us. It can help us determine the areas in which each practitioner specialises, as well as the approach and techniques they use. The 12 Aspects of Being is only the first component that makes up the entire Nature of Life Model, which can be applied to any field - philosophy, religion, science, mathematics, language, art and music. All the components come together to make a complete system, which defines everything within the matrix of consciousness.

Today, there are still very few people with a truly wholistic perspective and approach to life. Until we have an all-encompassing and all-embracing model for health, fitness, wellbeing, and healing, our efforts will continue to be like piñata or pin the tail on the donkey. I propose we start with the dodecangle, and save ourselves the consequences of educated guesses and stabs in the dark.

I trust this blog helped you better understand The Nature of Life, and empowered  you with ability to consciously heal and grow.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :) 


If you want to know more about how to live and heal consciously, read my eBook THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world. Click on the link below to purchase your copy now.

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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.

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