We are all made up of vibrating atoms, molecules and energies. Our individual reality in any given moment is determined by the images we hold in our mind’s eye. When we perceive a threat or have a fright, we can sense our energy field contract. Imagine a deadly snake or gun being pointed at you and feel the subtle shift in your energy. It is very common to see people contract in response to a threat. This natural reflex happens on all levels of our being, from the cellular through to the whole body and energetic field. 

On the other hand, when we vibrate in harmony with the True Nature of Life, we feel light and open, and our energies radiate outwards. If I ask you to imagine walking along the beach in paradise, can you feel your energies open and expand? If you imagine Being in Heaven or Nirvana and flying like a bird, immediately your energy expands into the infinite and eternal.

To become a conscious being, it is essential to understand what creates and perpetuates your individual reality. Many people know and understand the saying, “You are what you think.” There is equal understanding and acceptance of the saying, “You are what you eat.” But very few people understand that the real power comes when you put these two sayings together:


The metaphysical link between who you are and what you will become actually lies in the moment where your Spirit and matter come together. The quality of what you consume - food, drink, air and sunlight - combined with the quality of your thoughts determines and perpetuates your overall experience of reality. The dominant energy at the time of eating will establish either a true sense of Being, or perpetuate a state equal to one of an intelligent animal.

One of the questions I ask people is, “Why do we eat food?” The answers always vary widely, but there is another metaphysical principle that is widely missed. The ultimate top-down reason why we eat food is, so that the energies and properties of plants can experience and express themselves in and through us. Therefore, when we are intuitively guided to eat the appropriate high quality plants, they merge with all the unique qualities of Soul to fuel and manifest them into our reality.  

When we eat consciously, all the good qualities contained in the foods are brought out to align with our Soul. If we eat in a state of separation and division, our negative energies are fuelled and fed by the bad qualities of the foods. We can take on the negative effects of the chemical fertilizer, the emotions of the chef, and any disturbed energies of the food. Therefore, it is either the presence of our Soul or the negative energy of the food that find expression in and through us.

The cells of our body are the manifestation of all the sources of nourishment. An important question is: At what point or points can our cell’s memories give way to a new program or paradigm?

We have established that the cells of our body take on the program of whatever we think while we eat. The cellular memory, when in a negative vibrational state, is the basis of the ego, containing all limiting belief systems and concepts. The cells of the body can also take on a higher vibrational state and serve to manifest a person’s innate gifts, talents and skills. The cells can then gain access to the part of our consciousness that can perceive and experience the Divine. In this state, the Mind is unlimited, infinitely creative and contains all innate wisdom

I often ask the obscure question, “When does the food you eat become you?” Most people reply, “When it goes in my mouth”, whereas in fact, it is when it enters your energy or auric field. Another interesting point of view is, if you only ever ate carrots, at what point would you become a carrot eating a carrot?

The energy of food is no different or in any way separate from our own Spirit. Whatever we do to our food, we do to our Spirit! When we consume food in its natural state, it enables us to manifest our True and Natural State. The further the food is removed from its natural state the more delusional and illusionary our reality becomes. The degree to which we interfere with our food directly impacts our level of consciousness. The scale below will enable you to see exactly how much food influences your state of Being:

• An organic apple picked straight from a tree, and eaten in a conscious and deliberate way, will manifest Oneness, Bliss and Immortality - Love, Light and Life.

• A chemically sprayed apple picked and eaten will begin to disturb your energies in some way.

• A chemically sprayed apple that is put in cold storage for 2 months and then eaten, will dull your energies.

• If that apple was to be cooked in an apple pie and eaten, it will begin to darken and kill off your energies.

• If the apple pie is frozen, then cooked in a microwave, it will totally annihilate your energies.

• If this apple pie is cooked in a microwave then consumed watching a disturbing television show, whilst smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and arguing with somebody late at night, it will totally obliterate your Soul!

The organic apple fresh off a tree will create a sense of being whole and complete, in the Present. Fresh, raw, organic foods instil Light, Peace, Love and all the qualities of the Spirit for our soul. A candy bar cannot have this affect. Foods that are refined and dead create a feeling of being separate, as well as speed up and intensify any negative state within the person who consumes it. On an emotional level, we will feel isolated and alienated, as well as experience a dark, gloomy and heavy state of mind.

The effect of our food on our personal reality is reflected in the saying by Brillat-Savarin, “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are.” Thankfully, science is slowly catching up with what conscious beings have always known. The link below is a video by Dr Bruce Lipton that relates how science has found the biochemical basis to how foods determine our reality.

Mankind will eventually awaken to the fact that the forces that give life to our food and bodies are the very same energy that powers the sun and the entire Universe. We can take the opportunity to consciously align with and honour the Universal Plan unfolding every time we eat and drink.

Brian Gerard Schaefer :)


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Brian Gerard Schaefer is an author and a self-educated wholistic natural therapist, specialising in kinesiology, myopractic, spiritual counselling, diet and nutrition. He presents seminars and workshops on healing, kinesiology, meditation and personal development.