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"I am using The Conscious Being book with Universal Kinetics, and have been surprised at the results. It's accuracy is perfect because the language is complete. I am still learning to work with this tool and I’m very excited. I love The 12 aspects chart and its purpose being to provide a totally wholistic approach."
Joy, Gold Coast, Australia.   


"I use the foundation of information section to help me with my studies. It is gives me a clear understanding about what I know and don't know about a certain topic."
K T, Melbourne, Australia


"Although I am a massage therapist, sometimes I feel like a counselor. The Conscious Being has helped me understand the human condition, so that I am able to relate to anyone who walks into my massage room. Overall, it has deepened my sense of compassion for people and made me a much better therapist ."
Christie, NSW


"I LOVE this book! I use it to better understand my childrens' needs."
Kate Murphy


"I had been searching for a long time through the internet and piles of books about spirituality and truths but nothing felt quite right. I got rid of all my books when I found The Conscious Being."
M T, Australia


"I love to dive deep into spirituality and have a natural curiosity about life and its meaning. This book really expanded my views of life, my heart and mind, I can't say I am the same person after reading it."  
S P,  Australia


"When I have a creative block I use The 21 Keys to Inspiration chart. This chart is one of my favourites! It helps me consciously connect to the element of nature or life I need to stay balanced and never fails to restore my creative flow. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you Brian :D"

K K, India


"Thank you for your dedication and ongoing work in health, for the good for all. Your book The Conscious Being and profound insights have helped me in ways I didn't realize at the time.

Your sessions in Universal Kinetics are like no other. Since moving to another state, I have been unable to find any other teacher who has taught me the profound insights you share, or experienced a session of kinesiology like yours.

As a society, the more we are informed of the challenges and increasing difficulties of the state of health of humanity - mentally, physically and emotionally - with hospital overloads, overworked staff, the increase in mental illness, the foods we eat... all this and more, your "All or Nothing" attitude to Life is the only way we are able to help ourselves and others. Your teachings show us how we can do this and where to start!

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, it has helped me a great deal!
I look forward to your next visit to Melbourne.

With Gratitude.
Natalina xo"

Thank you Natalina.
Brian :)


"From my own experience this was very helpful and it's a wonderful ongoing voyage. My earlier experiences in life kept telling me to grow inside and there seemed so many pressures and so little time. But by focusing on growing its greatly continues to help, also to feel more connected and the success this brings.

For my work, as founding a technical company, it is as team with these understandings that we are achieving the successes we never dreamed of. It's wonderful to be part of a meaningful enlightenment, caring and sharing team. Today when we look for new team members to join us we especially value these understandings and so wish to help."
Tom T


"Coming across the seminars and workshops offered by Brian has been an absolute blessing to me.  It was the first stepping-stone to change direction and start heading to a happier, healthier life.  Experiencing depression at the time, the clinical treatments were an absolute necessity to start putting my whole being back into balance. 

Brian’s work is a constant reference back to what is our natural state and potential as human beings.  Feeling the difference from before to now is just wonderful. It is a continuous work in progress and now having the ‘The Conscious Being’ eBook in my hand keeps me on my path. It is flowing into my parenting as well as into my work as a driving instructor. It truly is a guiding force for me in all areas of life.

Thank you Brian for sharing your life’s work with the world.
So grateful."

Erika – Torquay, VIC


"Thanks to Brian I was able to hone in on unidentifiable causes of asthma. Thanks to his kinesiology I'm able to improve my breathing with diet."
Greg T


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