The Brain Exercise Program (BEP) enables participants to thrive and reach their true potential. This new and unique program facilitates the development, remediation and integration of the body's natural pathways of communication. The 18-stage program is presented in 4 different formats - a one-on-one 18 month personalised program, weekend group workshops, 2-hour classes, and a training course.

The BEP has been developed by Brian Gerard Schaefer over the last 30+ years. It is based on his extensive research, study and practice of a wide range of healing techniques. He has drawn upon all the latest scientific research from a wide range of fields. It is also based on all the ancient knowledge and wisdom from traditional medicines, yoga and martial arts.

Why does the BEP work?

The BEP is based on research from the leading edge of neuroscience, where it has been discovered the brain has a much higher ability to develop new pathways than previously thought. This natural function is called neuroplasticity. It can be greatly enhanced by doing exercises that imitate the movements a baby makes during the various stages of development. The BEP determines the level of your brain development and integration, then applies the special '4D Exercises' to match. 

The other important fact about the brain is that it has recently been proven to be able to generate new cells at any age. This is called neurogenesis, and can be activated by stimulating the brain in specific ways. This greatly enhances the brain's ability to heal from injury, as well as to correct developmental and integration problems. The BEP uses activities to stimulate the areas of the brain that you need to develop, heal or integrate.

What causes brain problems?

All forms of stress have an enormous impact on our brain, especially during its development. The neural pathways may fail to develop, or we may miss a developmental milestone, like crawling. Stress also significantly changes the types of pathways that develop and the level they integrate.

The other equally important factor in brain development is the level and types of stimulation the brain gets. It is a well-accepted fact that if we do not get the required stimulation at the crucial stages of development, it will limit our development. There are many studies showing how severely neglected children fail to develop even basic skills, like speech and eye contact.

When we fail to develop pathways due to stress, illness, or the lack of stimulation, we develop compensatory pathways instead. Living on compensatory pathways leads to stress and fatigue, and may result in burnout or a breakdown. The constant pressure of modern lifestyles adds to the stress on all our pathways, which limits most people's reality to one no better than an intelligent animal.

Very few people are born and raised in ideal situations, which means nearly everyone is living with the limiting conditions and programs. Almost everyone Brian has tested neurologically had a lack of development and integration. The reasons for this are infinitely varied - including the mother's nutritional deficiency, heavy metal poisoning from vaccines, chemical toxicity from environmental pollution, or the effects of being born in a war zone. Any little discrepancy in your past can be having a huge impact on you today. The BEP effectively gets underneath any resulting affect, shuts down the compensations, and rebuilds the natural pathways back to their true potential.

How does the BEP work?

The innate plasticity of the brain allows us to heal, develop and strengthen the various pathways. Each participant performs tailored 4D Exercises to integrate to a higher performance level or restore normal function. This means people can align and connect on all levels of being - mind, body, soul and spirit - to then fulfil their ultimate purpose in life.

The program uses a truly wholistic approach and works in two ways.

1.    It addresses all the areas of stress in your life that are not conducive to your healing and growth.

2.    It enhances and builds upon all the areas of strength in your life to maximise your rate of progress.

The 4D Exercises help you to go back to where you stopped developing naturally, and start again. They can enhance any process that involves change, therefore, support any kind of healing and facilitate all forms of growth. This offers you the chance to develop a new outlook on life and take a fresh look at the world. You may find you have new opportunities, which would otherwise not be possible.

The program has been designed to enable participants to monitor their own progress. This makes it possible for them to accelerate the process whenever possible. This program suits people of all ages and will help to improve most conditions. It is especially beneficial for those with learning difficulties, autism, ADD and ADHD. It will also provide a crucial advantage for anyone looking to improve their performance at work, in sports and education.  as well as those seeking to improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

The 4D Exercises are specifically designed to develop new natural pathways to replace the compensatory pathways. Because they bypass the compensatory pathways, there is no need to undergo the periods of regression that come with nearly all other programs. This means things do NOT have to get worse before they get better.

The lack or absence of the natural pathways often causes attitude and behavioural problems, like avoidance patterns or acting out. The program is designed to wipe the slate clean so you can start again, without the old habits and limitations. It is very gentle and non-intrusive, and only requires a minimum of 10 minutes of exercises twice a day. Therefore, anyone can do it. Most importantly, the BEP creates deep, lasting and permanent transformations that were not previously available.

Why is proper brain function so important?

The fundamental principle to achieving your potential is being able to create and sustain the process of changing. If you don’t have the ability to change when and if you want or need to, then you are not empowered. You will find it hard to break bad habits and establish new healthy ones. This means you will never be at Peace, because you will always be wondering “what if…?” Most people’s minds are plagued with self-recriminating thoughts having either failed, or not having tried.

Having said this, the two things people have said the most to Brian are, “I know I shouldn’t do the things I do, but I can’t help myself”, and, “I know what I should be doing but I never get around to doing it or bring myself to do it”. If you cannot consciously change your core attitudes and behaviours, you will simply not have the discipline to reach your true potential. If you do reach your potential, you may not have the stamina to maintain the level of performance required to stay there.

Any neurological deficit can greatly impede the development and integration of The 9 Areas of Intelligence, which can limit you in almost every way. It may prevent the development of all your innate talents and skills. This means you could miss out on learning something that you really wanted to, like playing a musical instrument. It can also cause emotional issues and block your academic achievements. It may stop you from entering the career you seek or restrict your social skills. It can even prevent you from finding what it is you are ultimately here to do as a Soul. This is the core reason why most people don’t really know what they want to do in life - they simply don’t have the pathways to access it.

Many common problems we face are not even recognised as being an issue. They are widely accepted as normal human behaviour and limitations, but they are far from our true natural state. Most problems are passed off as individual idiosyncrasies, like not have a good sense of direction, having a fear of heights, or never being able to spell everyday words. Most people struggle with inconsistency, where they are “consistently inconsistent”. The BEP remedies all these kinds of issues by creating the pathways that help everyone function in a way that is natural.

Only once we can individually function in a way that is true, can we work together in ways that are true.

Who can benefit from the BEP?

Essentially, anyone with a body and brain can benefit from the BEP.  :)

The ways our bodies develop and integrate are all the same, with almost identical organs and systems. We all undergo the exact same processes from when we are conceived until we are born, and as we mature. The key point to understand is that if there are any minor deviations away during our development, they can have a major and lasting effect on the rest of our lives.

Since beginning this research, Brian’s tests have shown that nearly everyone has stopped integrating before infancy. This means that most people are operating on their compensations, and are dealing with limitations in one or more areas of their life. Even high-functioning people had the same level of integration, but were able to compensate at a higher level. This means that regardless of their success, they were usually living with very high levels of stress.

The BEP is especially good for young children, because their level of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis is very high. It is also extremely beneficial for people with learning difficulties and developmental problems. It is also crucial a advantage for anyone seeking to maximise their performance in sport or business. Because the program assists in the overall integration of a person, it is also essential for anyone seeking a true spiritual connection or to deepen their awareness of the nature of life.

Essentially, you can only do and be what your pathways allow. By changing how your neurology works, you can create new possibilities and discover a paradigm beyond what you currently know. Regardless of who you are and what you do, there is always room for improvement. The question is, how much better can you be?


EVENTS:  Please check the CALENDAR page for the locations, dates and times.

Brian will commence doing special introductory talks for The Brain Exercise Program from the first week of March 2018.
Events will begin in the middle of March 2018.



This is a one-on-one intensive program consisting of 18 monthly appointments with Brian. He will treat and guide you using his unique wholistic approach to maximise your development, remediation or integration. The initial appointment involves a complete assessment of your overall state and condition. This will determine the level you commence the program and what other support you may need.

Each 1.5 hour followup appointment will involve a full case review, an evaluation of your progress, and an adjustment of the prescribed exercises. You will also receive a treatment of the required modalities and further recommendations in support of your progress.

This program is available world-wide via Skype sessions. The Universal Kinetics can be applied by a third person who would be guided through the procedure by Brian. 

You can start the program at any time. You can also join one of the weekend workshops (value $600) for free (*conditions apply). This will help you understand how the principles of the program even more and how they relate to other people. 

COST: $3000

Options: If necessary, you can extend your program for a further 6 months for $600
The 6 appointments will be 1 hour long and continue to refine your exercises to suit your exact needs. 



The Brain Exercise weekend workshops are designed to introduce you to the core principles that govern our neurological development and integration. 

You don't need to have any problems to attend and may be only seeking to enhance you performance. You will come to understand all the core elements of The 4D Exercises and how to apply them relative to your level of development and integration.

COST: $600

Repeats: $300

TIMES: Saturday and Sunday: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm



These 2 hour practical classes involve a range of the 4D Exercises to help switch on and stimulate your brain. They provide a fun group environment to keep you motivated and progressing. There are Beginners and Advance Levels, where participants progress at their own pace. They can be a stepping stone to The 18 Month Individual Program.

Classes are available for people aged 16+

A minimum of 10 people is required
A maximum of 20 people per class


Classes are available for children

age groups - 3 - 6 and 7 - 15

*parent or guardian attendance is essential  

Classes for special needs people are available on request - minimum of 10 people.

COST: $15 per person

BULK BUY: 10 Classes $120 - save $30



This course is aimed at people who would like to be able to take other people through the program. It is for anyone interested in serving others to find and fulfil their true potential. Whether it is helping someone overcome learning difficulties, recover from an injury, or achieve optimal fitness, this program will help you determine an individual's weaknesses and hone their strengths.

What is in the training?

The central element of the BEP is the totally wholistic approach. It will help you will develop a full understanding of all the core elements of the communication pathways within our living organism. With this knowledge, you will know when and how to integrate other modalities into the program. The depth and extent of the information you receive continues to increase with each level of the course.

Main points you will learn:

  • all the techniques that form the basis of the testing
  • exactly what controls the brain and how the exercises work
  • how to incorporate all other techniques into a program
  • Brian's unique wholistic approach to health, fitness, wellbeing and healing
  • how to tailor The 4D Exercises
  • how the program can anyone to develop to their potential
  • the key methods that ensure those you help continue to improve
  • all the factors that support your own personal progress
  • and much more...

Who is it for?

  • any one wanting to take their overall development into their own hands
  • open-minded individuals interested in a truly wholistic perspective and approach to life
  • genuine people who want to be of service to others
  • authentic doctors, practitioners and healers who want to offer their clients the best possible guidance
  • parents and caregivers who want to understand their children's needs
  • practitioners who want to integrate their existing knowledge and skills


Those proficient in the BEP Course have the opportunity to become an approved BEP Practitioner and Instructor.


All participants must have a full understanding of THE NATURE OF LIFE: How to remain at Peace while living in the modern world, as well as attended The Brain Exercise Workshop.

COST: $900

Repeats: $450


TIMES: Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm